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Padma Awards: A History of Mathematics written at age 88, Padma Shri winner told children about math



Jhansi: It has been announced to attribute Padma Shri to Professor Radha Charan Gupta of Jhansi who spent his whole life writing the history of Indian mathematics. On Thursday, Republic Day, locals and well-wishers went home to meet and wish him. Professor Gupta, even at the age of 88, spends most of his time studying and writing (History of Vedic Mathematics). Professor Gupta said he was pleased with the announcement of this honour.

Professor Radhacharan Gupt, resident of Jhansi. Professor Radhacharan Gupta will be awarded the Padma Shri for his excellent work in the field of literature and education. Radhacharan Gupta has written a long book on mathematics and the history of mathematics. He has so far written over 400 research articles and 80 books.

“People used to ask…they worked so hard”

Speaking to Navbharat Times Online, Professor Radhacharan Gupta said people often ask us that you have done so much work but why don’t you get any respect from the Indian government or anyone else? ‘other. Now that he has been found, people’s curiosity is satisfied. It is a good thing that the Indian government has recognized our work.

The teacher said a great thing about math

Professor Gupta said that there are many types of Vedic mathematics. We worked on the literature of Vedic mathematics. The way math is taught is not fun so it needs to be improved. Children’s fear can be overcome by simplifying and making it entertaining.