People and businessmen raided Ghaziabad spa center

People and businessmen raided Ghaziabad spa center

Ghaziabad: Spa centers are run secretly in many places of the transit society in Vijay Nagar police station area, Ghaziabad district, Uttar Pradesh. Under cover of this, the environment is spoiled. On several occasions, local people and traders complained about the case to the SP, including the police station, but since no action was taken for months, local people and traders themselves carried out raids late at night on 2 October. During this, many couples were caught on the spot in a reprehensible situation and objectionable objects were also found.

Serious allegations made about the role of the police
Traders say spa centers are run secretly in many places of the passing company. The women who live here face a lot of problems because of this. Even business makes a big difference. Complaint about this to the police station, when no hearing was held, then to SP City, but there was no hearing. Merchants and local people were forced to conduct raids on their own.

The police arrived after hours
After the raid, the police were informed about it, but the police did not arrive for a long time, while the outpost was close. Called several times but did not reach and half a dozen couples managed to escape from the place. Traders say these works only flourish under police protection.

The operator of the spa center objected to the raid
When the traders raided the local public, the female operator of the spa center objected, but the woman appeared helpless in front of the gathered crowd and the traders made a video of the whole incident and the gave to the police, but also made it go viral. on social networks. .

Senior officials learned of the case
Senior officials learned about the whole affair, but were seen hesitant to speak about anything in front of the cameras. Now, it remains to be seen whether any action is taken against junior officers and employees who fail to take action on this.
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