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Police caught the gang who ‘cheated’ foreigners into speaking fluent English, do you know how they cheated online?



Ghaziabad: Indirapuram Police arrested 14 people from a gang involved in cheating overseas running a raid call center. Police said in the case, the vicious 10th Pass was sitting in the NCR and cutting the pockets of the American people in the name of providing technical support. ADCP Crime Vivek Chandra said the arrested defendants had worked in places like Delhi and Noida for nearly two years. Vivek Chandra said that these people set up their facility two days ago at Gyan Khand-2 of Indirapuram. After getting information about them, Indirapuram Police Squad raided here and arrested 14 people.

Police say gang leader Vijay Talwar is only on the 10th pass. He had been running this cheating business with some of his associates for almost two years. Along with Vijay, Sanjay, Sarthak, Mayank, Noel, Lokendra, Vipin, Prashant, Ashu, Dhruv, Aqib, Manmeet, Abhishek and Mohit were captured. All of the defendants are residents of Ghaziabad and Delhi.

three gangs working together

The ADCP said it was a huge network. No gang works there. Different gangs are responsible for each task. The Vicious receive a link from the other team. The call arrives at this link. Where they cheat US citizens in the name of fixing the error therein with system updates. In this, only people who are fluent in English were kept in the gang. After making an international call, they hack into the system by installing a remote application. After that they demand money in exchange for fixing this system.

Make 150-200 calls per day

The ADCP said the gang gets the link every day. 150 to 200 calls are connected daily on this link. All are US citizens. 17 computer systems and 19 mobile phones were recovered from the possession of the arrested accused. Everyone’s data is verified. Along with this, information is also sought on members of other gangs who help this gang.

Used to talk on a toll-free number

Police questioning revealed that the accused also had a toll-free number. The same number used to connect during the call. Other than that, the responsibility of the third thug gang is to move the payment from here to there. They use gateways like Jail, Venno. The police also received information about the payment converted into bitcoin. After which the police also check him. As for the transactions received so far, only foreign connections come out.

One percent commission with salary

During interrogation, police learned that in addition to salary, youths hired to listen in on gang calls also received a commission of one percent of the money they received after setting up a person. Apart from the gateway payment, the accused also used to withdraw money from gift cards. At the moment, the police are questioning the accused and trying to gather more information.