Police continued to search for a woman’s corpse in a pond for three days and reached the police station alive after 13 days

Police continued to search for a woman’s corpse in a pond for three days and reached the police station alive after 13 days

To attach: In Banda, police continued to search the pond for three days after a woman was found dead. Even the help of divers was taken for the corpse. When the body was not found, the police sat exhausted. After 13 days, the same woman gave a new twist to the incident by reaching a police station in Kanpur alive. The woman, who arrived at the police station alive, said her in-laws abducted her. Somehow, she was able to save her life by freeing herself from their clutches.

The incident is related to Avanti Nagar locality under Kotwali town in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. Sunita’s daughter (22 years old), Mevalal, a resident of Mungus village of Tindwari police station area, is married to a young man named Bachha in Avanti Nagar locality of Banda town. On July 3, police had recovered Sunita’s sari and a suicide note draped over it from a ghat at the city’s historic Nawab Tank. It was written that I was committing suicide by jumping into the pond. The police had questioned the husband in this case by taking him into custody. During questioning, it was revealed that there had been an argument between husband and wife during the night. For this reason, she left the house in anger.

Considering it to be a case of suicide, the police began to search the body with the help of divers in the pond. But even after digging the pond all day, the body was not found. Even after that, the police continued to search the body for another two days, but the police did not find the body. After 13 days, the woman suddenly appeared alive at Sisamau police station in Kanpur. Due to which the incident of suicide by jumping into Banda Nawab Reservoir turned out to be dramatic.

wife told a different story
The woman who made it to the police station alive told a different story. She told the police that on the morning of July 3, I went out to defecate in the morning of my in-laws Avanti Nagar Lodhi Colony. At the same time, people grabbed me and made me sit in a bolero. He inhaled the drug and rendered him unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, I found myself in a room. Where four masked men and a woman were present. They threatened to kill me and continued to physically abuse me during this time. On the morning of July 15, I somehow escaped their clutches and reached Sisamau Police Station by tempo. The police handed the woman over to her father.

Suicide note written after falling out with her husband
The woman talked about the suicide note found in the Nawab reservoir that I had written this letter several days ago after getting angry with my husband. She took her husband’s hand. He kidnapped me by misusing it. The incident was reported by the woman to Tindwari Police Station, but the police did not register a report. The woman said she was in mortal danger from her husband and in-laws. Also, she demanded to get her 8-month-old daughter back from her in-laws. (Report: Anil Singh)


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