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Prayagraj: Glass floor.. Ganga Gallery.. Yogi government will make 115-year-old Curzon Bridge a center of culture – 115-year-old Curzon Bridge will become the center of culture in Prayagraj



Luck now: The Yogi government is to develop the 115-year-old Curzon Bridge over the River Ganga at Prayagraj as a new tourism hub. Under this plan, the Lord Curzon Bridge will be used as a Ganga Gallery and a heritage tourist destination. While the glass floor of the railway bridge will appeal to people, it will also show the historicity and historical heritage of Prayagraj. The project will be part of the Arth Ganga program, which will focus on Indian culture and religious tourism. At the same time, different types of activities will also be encouraged on both sides of the banks of the Ganges.

In the past, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath finalized the action plan to beautify Lord Curzon Bridge. According to the action plan, the Ganga Gallery will be installed on the Curzon Bridge by the tourism department. There are railway grounds on both sides of the bridge, in which parking, toilets, ticket office, cafeteria, etc. will be fitted out for the comfort of the faithful and tourists. The route from the origin of Maa Ganga to Ganga Sagar will be displayed on the railway bridge. Along with this, there will be a chance to see and understand the mythology, religiosity and cultural heritage of Prayagraj through light and sound.

Floor and glass railings on both sides

If the bridge beautification plan is completed, residents of Prayagraj will also have a new place to walk in the morning and have fun in the evening. It is also planned to sell Indian delicacies, handicrafts, etc. via moving vehicles on the road above the bridge. Through this, tourists will not only get information about the significance of this over 100-year-old bridge and Mother Ganga, but local people will also get jobs. The Chief Minister gave instructions to make floors and glass railings on both sides of the railway bridge. The space between the bridge and the road will be made attractive.

The sight of the ocean churning will be seen
Prayagraj has been world famous for Kumbh since time immemorial, so the event of churning the ocean will be highlighted on the deck. The flow of Ganga ji will be channeled by the Irrigation Department and there will also be a ferry facility from Curjan Bridge to Sangam. Prayagraj Administration and Railways will implement the project by coordinating with each other to develop the Curjan Bridge as a tourist center. Work in this direction will soon begin.

The bridge was built in 1902

Let’s say that the Curzon Bridge over the Ganges at Prayagraj, connecting Phaphamau and Prayagraj, was approved in 1901 in the name of Lord Curzon who was the Viceroy of India from 1899 to 1905 and its construction started in January 1902. A 61 meter long beam and 15 pillars were used in this area. The Singanbad Gauge Railway line was constructed under the bridge and the road above. From this period until 1990, this railway bridge remained active for traffic. Due to its age, the railways banned it from circulation in 1998.

The Yogi government will create a tourist place

After that, the Ministry of Railways decided to scrap it, but at the request of the state government, it was handed over to the state government as a historic railway bridge. Considering the history of this bridge and the long-standing memories associated with it, the state government decided to develop it as a tourist spot. This railway bridge built in British times has also witnessed the history of the struggle for freedom. Apart from that, he continued to serve the devotees in the Kumbh. The Ganga-Gomti Express was the last train to cross the bridge before the bridge was closed to traffic by the railways in 1998.

The construction of a gallery on the Curzon Bridge and the completion of other tourism development programs will increase tourist traffic, which will generate income as well as employment. Through this, the general public will be able to learn about various cultures, spiritualities, foods, lifestyles that have flourished on the banks of the Ganges for centuries. The action plan is ready, work will start soon.