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Prayagraj Murder Case: So Far Two, These 8 Guilty Remain…Raw Letter from Fugitive Mafia Agents Atiq Ahmed



Prayagraj: Vijay Chowdhary alias Usman who fired the first shot at Umesh Pal was shot dead this morning by Prayagraj police at Gothi village in Kaundhiyara, 50 km from the city. The area where the shots were fired around 5 a.m. is adjacent to the MP border. A gendarme Narendra was also injured during the encounter. Now he is out of danger. So far questions have been raised about the police saying that even after 10 days of murder no named shooter has been arrested. However, the accused in whose room the plot was hatched was arrested. On February 27, a disbeliever was killed during a meeting. On February 24, Umesh Pal, a witness in the Raju Pal murder case, was shot dead. Most of the shooters were identified by CCTV cameras. Umesh Pal’s wife, Jaya Pal, filed an FIR against former MP Atiq Ahmed, his brother Ashraf, his wife Shaista Parveen, Atiq’s two sons, Guddu Muslim, Ghulam and 9 others in the post of Dhumanganj Police. Our Prayagraj correspondent, Shivpujan Singh, said that after the meeting of the two assailants in this case, who are the defendants who have not yet been arrested.

11 names in total in Umesh murder case


1. Ateek Ahmed

2. Asad (son of Ateeq)
3. Shaista Parveen (wife of Atiq)
4. Ashraf (brother of Atiq)
5. Ghulam (Shooter)
6. Guddu Muslim (bomb shooter)
7. Arbaaz (car driver)
8. Armaan (Shooter)
9. Sabir (Shooter)
10. Sadaqat (in the room of the inn where the plot was hatched)
11. Usman aka Vijay Chowdhary (first shooter)

Asad was trained by Uncle Ashraf

Asad was trained by Uncle Ashraf

Atiq Ahmed is currently being held in Sabarmati prison. His brother Ashraf is also behind bars. Asad is the third son of Atiq Ahmed. He came into the picture after Umesh Murder. He is Ashraf’s favourite. It was his uncle who taught him the tricks of shooting, car racing and horse riding. Due to being with Ashraf, Asad’s spirit also continued to increase. In the CCTV footage, a young man wearing a Sadri can be seen getting out of the Creta car and starting shooting. It was Assad. The police and the STF conduct raids to catch him. Asad is also among five criminals Prayagraj police have announced a reward of Rs 2.5 lakh. In it, his full address is Asad s/o Ateeq Ahmad, Resident – 95, Chakia, Khuldabad Police Station, Prayagraj.

Arbaaz’s game is over in the first encounter

Arbaaz's game is over in the first encounter

On February 27, the name of the person who was killed in a clash with police at Nehru Park in the Dhumanganj police station area was Arbaaz. His father Atiq drove Ahmed’s car. He was a resident of Pooramufti area. Police said Arbaaz was driving the Creta car in which the attackers came. Arbaaz’s car is clearly visible in CCTV footage. However, no information has been found on Arbaaz’s criminal history.

‘Nan Baba’ with three names killed today

Naan Baba with three names piled up today

In today’s encounter, Vijay Chowdhary aka Usman suffered gunshot wounds in the neck, chest and thigh. The people of Kaundhiyara knew him as “Nan Baba”. It is said that Usman’s name was given to him by Atiq Ahmed’s gang. Usman’s brother Rakesh Chaudhary is also a history leafer. Currently, he is housed in Naini prison. His three names are mentioned – Usman, Naan Baba and Vijay Chowdhary.

Only one arrest in the case

Only one arrest in the case

Sadaqat’s name appeared in police comments. He practiced law and lived in room number 36 of the Muslim hostel at Allahabad University. He is from Ghazipur. When he came to study in Prayagraj, upon graduation, he started to get interested in politics. His picture came out with the SP and BJP leader. According to police, the plot to kill Umesh was hatched on the instructions of Atiq Ahmed as he sat in Sadaqat’s hostel room. We can say that the murder plan was prepared here. How the attack would happen and how to get out safely later, all these preparations were made in the inn itself. During the search, prints of mobile screenshots were found under the mattress on the board.

2.5 lakh reward on these five

2.5 lakh reward on these five

Other names include Ghulam, Guddu Muslim, the bomber seen in the white shirt during the shooting, Atiq’s wife, Shaista Parveen, Armaan, Sabir who are on the run. Police are conducting raids in many states looking for them. Police have announced a reward of Rs 2.5 lakh for information on the five defendants.

1. Armaan n/a Shamim, Resident- MG Marg, Thana Civil Lines, Prayagraj
2. Asad n/a Atiq Ahmed, Resident-95, Chakia, PS-Khuldabad, Prayagraj
3. Ghulam n/a Maqsudan, Resident – Mehdauri, Thana Shivkuti, Prayagraj
4. Guddu Muslim s/o Shafiq, Resident – Lala Ki Sarai, Thana Shivkuti, Prayagraj
5. Sabir s/o Naseem, Resident, Mariyadih, Thana Pooramufti, Prayagraj