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Prayagraj News: Murder doesn’t stop in Prayagraj, now elderly couple attacked with sharp weapons, husband dies



Prayagraj: In Judapur Dandu village, Soraon police station area, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, an elderly teacher couple sleeping inside the house were attacked with a sharp weapon on Monday night, during which the wife was seriously injured, while the husband died. The late Prem Prakash Mishra (64) was a private school teacher. When younger brother Akhilesh Mishra, who came to pick flowers near his house on Tuesday morning, peeked through the open window, he cried at the view inside. Upon information, the police rushed the seriously injured elderly couple to the nearest hospital. Where the doctor pronounced Om Prakash Mishra dead. His wife Neerja Mishra, who was seriously injured, is undergoing treatment. His condition is also very critical.

The best police arrived on the spot. People at the scene said the elderly husband and wife appear to be attacked with a sharp weapon, rod, etc. The police collect information from people around as well as family members. At the same time, the family denied any form of hostility or blood feud incident. Considering the incidents committed by the nomad gang in the Soraon region over the past few months, it is suspected that this incident was also committed by the nomad gang for the purpose of robbery.

Prem Prakash Mishra has three sons. Pankaj Mishra lives with his family in Lucknow. The second son, Kumud Mishra, lives in Gorakhpur and does Panditai’s work. Third son Nilesh Mishra is graduating from Prayagraj. Prem Prakash taught lessons to the children of the village. He was the eldest of five brothers. His brothers are Ram Prakash Mishra, Hari Prakash Mishra, Vijay Prakash Mishra and Amrish Mishra. Everyone has their house. Husband and wife lived in the house of the late Prem Prakash Mishra.

Terror of nomadic gangs in the region of Soraon
The terror of the nomadic gang continues in the Gangapar area of ​​Prayagraj. In the past few months, two mass murders have taken place in Gohri village in Phaphamau and Khevrajpur in Tharwai. In Gohri, 5 and in Khevrajpur 4 people from the same family were brutally killed. Two girls and a woman were also raped in the two incidents.

SSP Prayagraj Shailendra Pandey who arrived at the scene said that Prem Prakash Mishra lived by building a house on the outskirts of the village. The family denied any enmity. The complaint has not yet been received. On a prima facie inspection, the items in the house are scattered. The closet is broken, seeing that it appears to be a robbery and murder in protest. Two teams were formed under the leadership of SSP Ganga Par for the early disclosure of the incident. All points are scrutinized. The event will be revealed soon.
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