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Prayagraj News: The Allahabad University boy whose Atique Ahmed power made a poet a Rajya Sabha MP



Atique Ahmad: Umesh Pal, the main witness in the Raju Pal murder case, was killed in Prayagraj on February 24. Former deputy Atiq Ahmed is believed to be behind this murder. Even though Atiq Ahmed is identified as the Bahubali mafia, he maintains relations with almost all political parties. Imran Pratapgarhi is now a Rajya Sabha Congress MP, Atik is also behind him.

Prayagraj News: The boy from Allahabad University whom Atica's power made Rajya Sabha MP from a minor poet
Atiq Ahmed, Imran Pratapgarhi, Priyanka Gandhi

strong points

  • Umesh Pal, the main witness in the Raju Pal murder case, was killed in Prayagraj on 24 February.
  • Former MP Atiq Ahmed believed to be behind this murder, many big revelations also occurred
  • Atiq Ahmed is identified as the Bahubali mafia but he maintains relations with almost all political parties.
Prayagraj: Umesh Pal was also killed in the same way as former BSP MP Raju Pal was shot dead in the middle of the road 18 years ago. Umesh Pal was the main witness in this murder case and his testimony is said to have decided the course of Bahubali Atiq Ahmed’s sentence. During the budget session of the assembly, the Samajwadi party fiercely attacked the Yogi government regarding this murder. While hitting back, CM Yogi Adityanath said that Atiq Ahmed was brought up only by SP people. We will raze the mafia. If we see it, Atiq Ahmed has relations with almost all political parties.

It was a few years ago. Prayagraj was the stage. Current Rajya Sabha Congressman Imran Pratapgarhi (Imran Pratapgarhi) was then a university student turned poet. Parvez Ahmed Tanki, SP MLA of Prayagraj City Southern was present on stage. Imran Pratapgarhi recited a poem in honor of Atiq. He said, everyone wants to be like Atiq. Imran went to many poetry conferences with Atiq. Atiq graced the stage. Powerful Muslims stood alongside Imran in the districts of Prayagraj, Pratapgarh and Chitrakoot divisions. Imran was an expert in oral expression. Atiq also liked this style. Atiq helped a lot to make his influence.

Atiq speaks openly – I will promote Imran Pratapgarhi

Atiq used to openly say on major forums, I’ll help this boy get ahead. The crowd supported. The group of Muslims sided with Imran, especially the new boys. Later, Atiq had Imran join in Congress. Imran got helicopters from Congress and the responsibility to campaign in 2022.
In the 2022 elections, Imran’s influence within the UP was such that even though UP Congress President Ajay Lallu did not get a helicopter, Imran definitely did. . Imran held many meetings. Join the Muslims. Later I got benefits and Congress appointed Rajya Sabha MP. It all started with Atiq. Ateeq won such men. Atiq has such people in each party. From small to large teams.

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