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Prayagraj News Yogi Adityath Pledged To Mix Umesh Pal Slayers Into The Ground



Raju Pal’s main witness, Umesh Pal, was murdered in broad daylight in Prayagraj. Since then, Yogi Adityanath started cracking down on criminals.

Shivpujan Singh, Prayagraj: Baba’s bulldozers roar on the lines of Yogi Adityanath’s challenge “Mitti Mein Mila Dunga”. For three days in Prayagraj, Yogi Baba’s bulldozers have been razing the houses of criminals. Yogi Adityanath’s order to bury the culprits of murdering two soldiers including Umesh Pal can be seen on the ground at Prayagraj. Where so far 50,000 prize money has been raised, meeting a defendant, arresting a mastermind of the murder case and 3 crores costing houses have been razed to the ground.

Shaista Parveen’s hideout destroyed

On March 1, the Prayagraj Development Authority razed Kasari Masari’s house in Chakia, where Shaista Parveen, wife of mafia bahubali Atiq Ahmed, and her family lived. This house was named after Zafar Ahmed Khan, which was built on 200 square meters. Its estimated cost was 2 crores. Shaista Parveen had been living in this house since September 22, 2020, when Atiq Ahmed’s Pustani Haveli house in Chakia was demolished.

The armory owner’s house was demolished

On March 2, the PDA demolished the two-storey house of Syed Safdar Ali, the owner of Gunhouse located in Jansenganj on Rajrooppur 60 Feet Road, using a bulldozer, claiming it was illegal. The estimated cost was around Rs 2 crore. Syed Safdar Ali has been accused by the police of using firearms and bullets for the mafia Bahubali Atiq Ahmed and his gang. The same pistol and the same bullets were used in the Umesh Pal murder case.

Jamidonz became the home of former chief Masookuddin

In connection with the murder case of Umesh in Prayagraj, on March 3, at Ahmedpur Asrauli of Puramufti police station area, the luxurious newly built house of former Pradhan Masookuddin was razed by bulldozers. On occasion, Tauqeer Fatima, daughter of Masookuddin, claimed that this house belonged to her, but the PDA said to demolish it if the card was not passed.

On February 27, 50,000 people died

On February 24, at Sulem Sarayan in Prayagraj, Umesh Pal was surrounded and killed by assailants in broad daylight. Two Constable Gunners Sandeep Nishad and Raghavendra Singh have already died in the daring attack, during which police have already met Arbaaz, a criminal in the Umesh Pal murder case, at Nehru Park on February 27. At the same time, another mastermind, Sadaqat, was arrested. From Sadakat, the police obtained concrete information on the murder of two police officers engaged in their security, including Umesh Pal.

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