Prayagraj robbery incident: Businessman robbery in Prayagraj incident caught on CCTV

Prayagraj robbery incident: Businessman robbery in Prayagraj incident caught on CCTV

Prayagraj: CCTV footage of an armed robbery at a large barber shop near Katra Manmohan Park in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh has surfaced. The disbelievers committed the robbery incident late Wednesday night. Seeing the video of the robbery, the businessman worries about security. There is anger among traders over the incident and the police have demanded disclosure of the incident at the earliest.

Near Katra’s Manmohan Park, a large commercial area under Colonelganj Police Station, at around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday three masked miscreants on bicycles took employees at gunpoint and looted five thousand rupees from two shops in Saria and about 6 lakh rupees on the other. Near Manmohan Park, there are shops named after Chautharana Iron Traders and his brother Lalit Mohan, a Saria wholesaler, RP Gupta.

Eyewitnesses said that three masked miscreants first hastily entered Lalit Mohan’s shop. As soon as they entered, the disbelievers took the businessman and the employees at gunpoint. After taking the money out of the counter, put it in the bag and then enter RP Gupta’s shop. Where other employees, including his grandson Manish, were threatening and covering up. A disbeliever asked Manish to fill the money in the bag. When Manish put the wads of small bills in the bag, he threatened to shoot more and more and put all the money in the bag.

Employees at the scene said the miscreants came on a white Apache motorcycle with a bent license plate. Colonelganj Police and SSP Prayagraj arrived at the scene shortly after getting information about the theft. Police are looking for footage from nearby cameras based on CCTV footage.
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