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Prayagraj Shootout: Give Criminals Such Punishment Their Soul Was Shaking, Gunner Raghavendra’s Mom Made Such Big Demands Of Yogi



Gunner Raghavendra Singh, who was injured in the Prayagraj Umesh Pal murder case, has died at PGI Hospital, Lucknow. After Raghavendra’s death, his mother Aparna asked CM Yogi to take strict measures against the criminals. At the same time, he increased the demand for family financial assistance and government jobs for the two children.

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Mother appeals to CM on death of Gunner Raghavendra Singh of Prayagraj Umesh Pal

strong points

  • Gunner Raghavendra injured in Prayagraj shooting dies
  • Mother Aparna Singh told CM Yogi, take strict measures
  • Applied for financial aid of one crore of rupees
Madhav Singh, Rae Baréli:The second gunman injured in the Prayagraj Umesh Pal murder case also died while undergoing treatment at Lucknow PGI. This created a row in the family present in the village of Korihara of the district of Rae Bareilly. Aparna Singh, the mother of deceased policeman Raghvendra Singh, has demanded Rs 1 crore from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as financial aid for the family. Along with this, besides the governmental work of the younger brother and sister of the late Raghavendra Singh, he demanded strict action against criminals, due to which his soul trembled. He said the children of the criminals who perpetrated the incident should be beheaded in front of them. After that the criminals should be punished, so they know how much pain a mother feels when her son is murdered. Meanwhile, on Thursday, SP Alok Priyadarshi and ADG Satish Ganesh reached Raghavendra’s house and paid their respects.

The family of the late Raghavendra Singh Gunner had a mother and two brothers and two sisters, of whom an elder sister is married. The other sister is home after graduating. The younger brother has also completed his studies and is now preparing for a job.

Raghavendra Singh was a member of the UP Police who died in the Prayagraj incident. It is said that Baba of Raghavendra’s father was a freedom fighter and Baba of Raghavendra was in the police, he died in service. After that, Raghavendra’s father died while serving in the police. Now Raghavendra Singh has also passed away while serving.

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