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Prayagraj: The Attorney General’s Office will eliminate illegal parking! Letter to government for action – prieagraj attorney generals office will get rid of illegal parking, demand arose after recent fire in multi-storey building



Prayagraj:The road between Ambedkar Bhawan multi-storey building, Advocate General’s office in front of Allahabad High Court is completely blocked by parking vehicles and illegal encroachments. Employees of the General Counsel’s office, lawyers and litigants encounter great difficulty in coming and going. This problem has persisted for years. No serious effort has been made by the district administration or the High Court administration to overcome this problem. But after the incident of a massive fire in the attorney general’s office on Sunday morning, efforts began to deal with the problem.

In order to put out the fire in the multi-storey building of the Attorney General’s Office on Sunday morning, together with the Uttar Pradesh fire brigade, the help of the army and the Bara power station had to be taken . The fire was brought under control after around 15 hours of hard work with the help of around 20 fire engines. Due to the fact that Sunday was a public holiday at the High Court in Allahabad, the road in front of the Advocate General’s office was deserted. Fire brigade vehicles and other necessary resources directly reached the building. But during working days, the road past Gate No. 5 of the High Court and the Solicitor General’s office remains blocked due to parking of vehicles.

Lawyers who were not granted a room or place to sit in the High Court, these lawyers also made arrangements for their sitting by placing a table chair below the upper deck. Along with this, street vendors have busy themselves on a large scale. All in all, there is a hurdle coming this side from morning till night.

In such a situation, the question arises that if any accident occurs during the working day, how will the ambulance or other rescue resources by vehicle manage it. However, by putting barricades on the road leading from the water tank to the High Court, normal traffic is diverted by the traffic department. But that doesn’t solve the problem.

Cars are parked haphazardly. Will there be a solution to this problem? Talking about the solution to this problem, Chief Secretary of Allahabad High Court Bar Association, SD Singh Jadaun said that taking the lead on this issue by the Bar Association of Allahabad High Court, a letter was written to the Honorable Chief Justice, Divisional Commissioner, District Magistrate. and the government of Uttar Pradesh. In the letter, a request was made to initiate action on the road between the High Court and the Solicitor General outlining how to deal with the problem of parking on the road.

Said that to solve the problem of parking on the lanes around the High Court, the General Counsel’s office and the new building, on the instruction of the government, additional land will have to be provided by the district administration. He may have said that this land may be someone’s private property. After acquiring this role and these rules and compensations by the district administration, the general counsel’s office will have to be connected to the high court building. The IC form is present in sufficient quantity behind the office of the general counsel and the new building of the high court. For which a letter was written for the acquisition. While completing the legal process, the government can take back these lands if it wishes. Through which the new building of the Office of the Solicitor General, High Court, the problem of parking and traffic on the other roads of the High Court will be completely solved.

SD Singh Jadoun, Chief Secretary of the High Court Bar Association, said there is a huge open ground behind the Solicitor General’s office, a letter was written by the Bar Association of the High Court requesting its acquisition.