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Piyush Sharma
Moradabad: People of Sanatan Dharma look forward to Mahashivaratri. On Mahashivaratri day, Devadhidev Mahadev is worshiped according to Shiv rituals and devotees perform Jalabhishek on the Shivling in Lord Shiva temple. It is a belief that if Lord Shankar is worshiped with a sincere heart, then all works are well done. There is a distinct glory of Lord Shiva in the Hindu religion. It is a belief that if you are blessed by Lord Bhole then no trouble can befall you. One such unique temple of faith is the 84 hour temple at Nagphani in the metropolis.

It is an ancient belief of this temple that every wish made here is definitely granted. This is why about 100 years ago, the king of Nepal also offered a bell made of eight metals on the occasion of the fulfillment of his wish. Offering kanwar in this temple on Sawan and Shivratri also gives merit. That is why a large number of devotees of Shiva from the city as well as the surrounding areas come here to offer Kanwar.

Its luminosity increases further in Shivratri and Sawan. Devotees of Shiva arrive in large numbers with kanwars. So, on the other hand, special security arrangements have also been made by the local police administration at Mahashivaratri. Not only that, there is another mystery associated with this temple that if anyone who worships Shiva on 84 Mondays, their arbitrary wish is granted. But only half were able to do so. Currently, this center of faith and belief still holds a special place in people’s hearts.

The temple is 5 thousand years old
According to Vishnu Dutt Sharma, the priest of Temple 84 Ghanta, this temple is around five thousand years old. Later it was renovated by different people. According to Vishnu Dutt Sharma, whoever asks for his wish, it will definitely be fulfilled. Not only that, many years ago a Muslim couple had expressed their desire to have a child and in the end they also offered a bell, which is still present for their recognition. Hundreds of small and large hours are present here.

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