Principal Raped Female Teacher In Mau, Yogi Government Bulldozer On Illegal Occupation

Principal Raped Female Teacher In Mau, Yogi Government Bulldozer On Illegal Occupation

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School principal accused of rape.
The rape was committed in the name of the teacher’s commitment.

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Mau. When a bulldozer raced through Mau district in Uttar Pradesh on Monday, it became a talking point. This bulldozer ran in the police station area of ​​Gram Sabha Fatehpur Gujarati Devi Mahila Inter College School of Ranipur. This action was mentioned because the head of this organization is accused of rape. Moreover, he illegally occupied the land. In such a situation, it was discussed that this bulldozer was executed regarding the manager’s rape case.

Rape in the name of commitment
After this action, talks resumed regarding the CM Yogi bulldozer procedure. It is said that the real reason why Director Alok Singh’s illegal construction is founded is his involvement in the rape. A large number of police and officers were present as the bulldozers rolled. According to reports, the teacher was raped in the name of taking office. In this case, bulldozing was undertaken on the property of the accused manager.

During this, Muhammadabad Tehsildar, Chairman of CO Ranipur Police Station was present on occasion with the force of the team. Along with this, the Lekhpal and other officers were also present there. Officials said bulldozers went through the administration on all illegally occupied land. Let us tell you that because of this, people who do bad things have lost their sleep.

The perimeter wall was on government land
The case was filed regarding the college wall of defendant Alok Kumar Singh (manager) of crime number 150/22 section 376 504 506 3(2)5 sc-st. According to the tax authorities, this wall was in the place of the government, which was demolished today with a bulldozer in the presence of Tehsildar Mohammadabad. In the whole case, Naresh Kumar Singh of Mohammadabad Gohna Jurisdiction says the perimeter wall was demolished on the school of the rape accused. The perimeter wall was built illegally on government land, on which action was taken after the order of the district magistrate.

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