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Private bike: Strict on commercial use of private bike in Noida, have the bike registered like this



Bike Taxi Latest News in Hindi: After the ban on commercial use of private bicycle in Delhi, its effect has also started to manifest in NCR. In Noida, rigor will be put in place on this subject from April. This is why commercial registration will be necessary for the bicycle taxi, the full information of which is given here.

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Rigor in Noida by Private Bike Taxi

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  • 1 year in prison for turning a private bicycle into a taxi, a fine will be imposed
  • 2446 bike taxis are registered in Noida, registration will need to be done
  • People use private bike for business by joining new apps
Naida: As soon as the news of the stringent rules on bike taxis in Delhi was received, a stir started in Noida as well. According to the Ministry of Transport, there are 2,446 bicycle taxis registered here. The campaign against the commercial use of private bicycles will intensify from April. To curb this, a letter was written to the Transport Commissioner asking for the help of technical experts. Bike taxis started five years ago in Noida. Double the number of bicycle taxis registered here, people use private number bicycle for business purposes by connecting to new applications. ARTO enforcement Prashant Tiwari said that apart from registered bicycle taxis, action is often taken against those who use private bicycles for commercial purposes.

If anyone is caught doing this for the first time, a fine of Rs 5,000 is imposed. Those caught a second time can be fined Rs 10,000 and jailed for up to one year. A letter has been written to the Transport Commissioner to find out with the help of technical experts whether the private bike is being used for commercial purposes. The district has received complaints that some app-based bike taxi companies are posing as aggregators in violation of the 1988 law. Discussions are ongoing about the legal process to curb these companies.

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Mukesh, who lives in Sanjay Colony, said he worked at a factory in Sector 24 and after being fired from the factory he drove a taxi from his private bicycle. On the other hand, Jitendra, who lives in Dabua settlement, said he also drives a taxi on his private bicycle part-time. Because commercial vehicle registration fees are very high. That’s why he does this job from his private bike. More bikes can be seen in the city at Sectors 21,22,23,55, 14,15,16,18, Gandhi Colony, Jawahar Colony, SGM Nagar, Old Faridabad.

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Under the Motor Vehicle Act, there is a fine of Rs 5,000 for the first time and Rs 10,000 for the second time for driving a taxi on a private number. The vehicle may also be confiscated. There is also a provision for a penalty of up to 3 months in the event of an accident.

Get the commercial registration of the bike like this

For commercial bike registration, contact the RTO office. A registration fee of Rs 300 as well as a one-year certificate of proficiency will have to be deposited Rs 1000. For commercial bicycles, a quarterly fee of Rs 550 will have to be paid. The license plate of a registered bicycle is yellow. Any two-wheeler owner can also apply for the commercial registration and license plate of their vehicle by visiting

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