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Property dealer in Greater Noida dies: After the death of a property dealer in Greater Noida, relatives blocked the highway, accused of murder



Greater Noida: The case of the death of a property trader in Greater Noida of Uttar Pradesh has begun to deepen. The car of real estate dealer Sachin from the village of Kondli was found accidentally on Tuesday evening behind the JP Aman company in sector 151. Sachin was found seriously injured. By the time the police reached him at the hospital, he was dead. Sachin’s brother alleges that he was murdered in the farmhouse after the party. After that, his car took the form of an accident. Family members protested against police on the Noida Greater Noida highway on Wednesday evening, alleging the murder was an accident. Because of this there was a traffic jam. According to the police, in the initial investigation, the case appears to be an accident. The case is being thoroughly investigated.

Janak, a resident of Kondli village, said his elder brother Sachin picked up his car from a garage in Surajpur at 6 p.m. At around 10:30 p.m., Sachin called his wife and told her he was going to party with friends at the farm near Kondli. I’ll be home in a moment. At around 3:00 p.m. the family was informed by the police that Sachin was in a private hospital, on arrival the doctors pronounced him dead. Sachin’s brother, Janak, said that at the scene, Sachin was found lying outside the car on the side of the road. The CNG bottle installed in the car was held on his chest. There were scratches and marks of aggression on Sachin’s forehead. He alleges that Sachin was dumped here by three of his friends and conspired to show the accident.

Sachin’s deceased brother, Janak, alleges that his brother was murdered at the farm and taken 2 km away and dumped near the JP Aman company. The team arrived and took samples for on-site forensic examination. DCP Saad Mian Khan says the incident is being investigated from all angles. Sachin got married only 3 years ago. The wedding anniversary was February 25 itself. Sachin’s wife is 6 months pregnant. He is survived by his parents and a younger brother.

The victim’s brother popped the question

  • After the accident, how did his brother reach Diggi by opening the window. How did the bottle of GNC get to him?
  • When the vehicle hit the splitter from the side, how did the CNG bottle reach the rear?
  • If the vehicle hit the splitter, why didn’t it roll over and how was it damaged on the other side of the driver?
  • By the time her brother was found, his feet were in the dirt and there were bruises on his feet.

Family and villagers stuck

Sachin’s post-mortem report did not reveal the fact of the murder. After getting information about it, the relatives along with the villagers blocked the Noida-Greater Noida highway keeping the corpse. Slogans launched against the police administration. Accused the police of making the murder an accident. The police save the accused. Relatives say there are wound marks on Sachin’s body. There was a traffic jam of about 1 kilometer on the highway. All officers including DCP ACP arrived at the scene and opened the cork securing the action after thoroughly investigating the matter. Afterwards, relatives removed the body from the road.

Vinod Kumar Singh, manager of Knowledge Park Kotwali, said in the case that the youngster was found injured during a police patrol. The cylinder nose had entered the rib. In the initial investigation, the case appears to be an accident. The vehicle hit the wall. Relatives suspect a murder. This case is being thoroughly investigated.