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Protest against Congress: Congress protest against inflation, Prayagraj police arrested 70 people



Prayagraj: At the Maharishi Bharadwaj intersection in Prayagraj, members of Congress began to demonstrate on the road after a protest against central and state government policies. Police arrested 70 members of Congress during the siege. Members of Congress seated in front of the statue of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru near Balsan shouted slogans against soaring inflation and rising unemployment. After about an hour, as soon as a large number of congressmen started heading towards the district collector via Anand Bhawan, the police surrounded and arrested them.

CO Colonelganj said around 70 people were arrested and kept in police lines. Pradeep City Chairman Kumar Mishra Anshuman said on Friday afternoon, on the instructions of the central leadership, a protest was held in Prayagraj against rising inflation, unemployment and bad central government policies. and UP. There was a program of demonstrations from Balsan to reach the district headquarters court. Members of the city’s congress committee office, ward presidents, senior congress leaders and others attended.

Deliberately intimidate members of Congress
He said that on the instructions of the UP government, the police adopted a repressive policy. Democracy is strangled. The Modi government at the Center wants to intimidate the Congress through the ED and the CBI, so that the voices of the poor and helpless will stop. Because of this, Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are being harassed. But members of Congress will neither be afraid nor bow down, but stand firm against the government. On the other hand, the State Secretary General of Congress, Mukund Tiwari, said that the central and state governments are suppressing the rights of the poor, the backward and the farmers by adopting a dictatorial attitude. The interest of the general public is ignored to give advantages to the capitalists. When Congress raised the voice of the general public, repressive action was launched.
Report – Shivpujan Singh
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