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Quick loan borrowers beware! After giving loan to Chinese app, blackmail used to hack into phone’s private data, avoid it



Quick loan app warning: Be careful even if you desperately need a quick loan. A big fraud is happening from loan app available on many social media platforms. A similar case was reported in Noida. Where, after giving a loan, people’s private phone data was hacked and blackmailed.

Chinese instant loan app customer private data hacked
Big scam in the name of online instant loan

strong points

  • Fraud in the name of granting instant loan in Noida
  • People’s private mobile data has been hacked
  • Blackmail done for not repaying the loan
  • Also know the cybercrime helpline number
Naida: The Phase 1 Police Station arrested three fraudsters from the gang who cheated with the Chinese loan application. They used to threaten people who took quick loans from the Chinese app to make their personal details and photos go viral by editing them with objectionable photos if they were late in repaying the money. In this manner, the defendants extorted Rs. The three defendants had been running their business for two years by taking a room for rent in Sector-16. DCP Harish Chander said among the accused arrested are Rajeev Pal, a resident of Sector 49 Baraula, Manish Kumar and Suraj Srivastava, residents of Bihar.

The DCP said that for the past few days, complaints of cheating have been coming from the Chinese loan application at different police stations in the city. During this time, based on the information received by the IT unit team, the Phase 1 police station searched and arrested three fraudsters. The DCP said that each time a person took out a fast loan from a Chinese app, their data was passed to the defendant through an agent. The accused used to call the number found from the data and demand money from people by telling the policy, terms and conditions. Whenever someone refused to give money, the accused used to access their phone through the app itself. They were recovering by taking photos, contacts, videos taken from the phone and threatening to make them go viral by editing them with obscene photos and videos. In two years, the defendants deceived about a thousand people to the tune of crores.

Letter written to stop these apps

Accused Cash Wallet, Duval Cash, Cash App, Master Mellon, Loan Easy Credit Pay, Rupee Star, Easy Credit, Free Cash, Smart Loan, Mart Rupee, True Balance, Banana Cash, Cash Samosha along with some other apps. get fast loans. All these apps are on play store. DCP said that after investigating all of these apps, their links were found to be related to China. DCP wrote a letter to Google and police headquarters to ban these apps.

Chinese kingpin also on police radar

During the interrogation of the defendants, information was also received on some of the defendants linked to China. These details are under development. The digital wallet from which the accused transferred the money to the Chinese kingpin is also under investigation. Soon, the team’s Chinese pivot as well as other defendants involved in the entire Chinese enforcement module will also be arrested. In the past year, police have arrested 30 accused of city loan application fraud.

Get a quick loan of two to three thousand

The accused said during his interrogation that a loan of two to three thousand rupees could be taken at a time from the Chinese loan application. They attract people the first few days. When he got hooked, he tricked them by talking about fake policies. During interrogation, the defendants were found to be misleading people by telling them about finding them jobs in companies before applying for loans.

Get help from the helpline number 1930 or 155260

DCP Harish Chander called on people to report any type of cyber crime to the cyber cell or police station in the region as well as the government portal This claim can be made online. Complaints can also be made to the hotline numbers 1930 or 155260. Apart from this, by calling the Noida Police hotline number 0120-4846100, you can file a complaint related to cybercrime.

Don’t worry, it’s just a way to extort money

DCP said don’t accept friend request from unknown person and if it does, don’t chat in inbox. Do not share the cell phone number at all. Beware of instant loan apps. Even if you have taken a loan from them, never give the requested amount, rather tell everything to your family. Put the family at ease and tell them you made a mistake. With this, you will avoid making new mistakes under pressure. This is a punishable offense under Section 383, 420 of the IPC as well as the Computer Act. Whose complaint should be forwarded immediately to the police. DCP Noida Harish Chander said police teams are continuously working to solve the growing cases of cybercrime in the city and arrest cybercriminals. Some other gangs are also on the police radar. Soon they too will be caught.

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