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Rae Bareli News Bee attacked people in Rae Bareli



Dozens of people were injured due to a bee attack in UP’s Rae Bareli. While one of them lost his life. Police officers were also injured in the attack.

Rae Baréli
Madhav Singh, Rae Baréli: Bees suddenly attacked passers-by on Saturday near Kheer police station in Raebarli district, Uttar Pradesh. Even the plaintiff sitting inside the nearby Kheer police station could not escape the attack of these bees. Police officers were also injured in this attack, of which a sub-inspector and a policeman are also there. More than 3 dozen people, including Kheer town resident Rajkumar, were seriously injured in the attack. When Rajkumar was taken to CHC Kheeron, doctors pronounced him dead. Police took the body into custody and sent it for autopsy. Other injured are being treated.

one died due to bee attack

Rajkumar (65), a resident of Kheer town, was heading to Kheer police station for work around 3:30 p.m. Saturday. Akash, a resident of Sevanpur, was traveling to Avserikheda in his kinship. On the other hand, Munni Singh, a resident of Zinda Kheda village in Unnao district, was traveling to Rawatpur with her relatives. Laxmi, Om Prakash, Dinesh Kumar, Kantidevi, Ramkumar, residents of Lala Kheda were going to Kheeron police station for work. Apart from these, about four dozen people passing by were suddenly attacked by bees. Along with this, bees attacked the complainants sitting in the police station from outside, which caused a commotion inside the police station.

young man lying unconscious on the spot

Some officers, including a sub-inspector inside the police station, were also unable to escape the attack. The villagers took all the injured to CHC Kheeron. Where all the injured are being treated, some have been sent home. After the incident, Kheer town resident Rajkumar lay unconscious at the scene for about an hour. When the villagers and his relatives took him to CHC Kheeron, the doctors pronounced him dead.

the police citation is under investigation

SDM Lalganj Ajit Pratap Singh said all the injured have been sent home over this. Along with this, have asked to speak to the police about it, they will be able to give you full information. Meanwhile, police station chairman Devendra Kumar Awasthi said the corpse had been taken into custody and sent for an autopsy. The incident is under investigation.

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