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Rahul Prakash Kol: Starting with student politics… cricket lover, political field craze, who was Rahul Prakash Kol



Mirzapur: Rahul Prakash Kol, a resident of Patehra Kalan village in Madihan region, member of Chanbe Assembly, died on Thursday morning at a private hospital in Mumbai while undergoing treatment. MP Rahul Prakash Kol had been battling cancer for a long time. After hearing the news of MLA’s demise, Akhilesh Yadav, Anupriya Patel and many top leaders expressed their condolences. MLA, who love to play cricket, used to amaze opponents by decorating an amazing pitch in the game, but lost the battle in the life pitch.

Rahul Prakash had become active in politics since his student life.
Born on August 4, 1983, Rahul Prakash Kol, MP for Apna Dal S party of Chanbe Vidhansabha, a reserved seat of Mirzapur district, was born. Studied Bapu Upraudh Inter College Lalganj High School and Inter Intermediate of BLJ Inter College Mukeri Bazar. Graduated from KB PG College and studied LLB in Chauhania Varanasi.

Seeing his father in politics, Rahul Prakash Kol became active in politics right from his student life. Apna Dal SK gave a ticket from the reserved seat in the 2017 elections to Vidhansabha, where he was elected MP for the first time by winning the elections by a huge margin. He was elected MP for the second time in 2022 on the Apna Dal S Party ticket after five years in office.

Just months after winning the election, Rahul Prakash Kol was suffering from cancer. Whose treatment was ongoing in Mumbai. He died Thursday while undergoing treatment. Rahul Prakash Cole also loved playing cricket. After becoming a better captain in the cricket team, Rahul Prakash Kol also became a better captain in politics and reached the House twice in a row becoming a Member of Parliament for Chhanbe assembly seat.

Father is MP for Sonbhadra, wife is member of district panchayat
Pakori Lal Kol, father of Rahul Prakash Kol, MP for Chhanbe, is currently a second time MP for the reserved seat of Sonbhadra. Wife Rinki Kol is a member of the district panchayat. Bhai Jagprakash Kol’s wife, Garima Singh Patehra, is the block leader. The deputy has a son and two daughters. Son Samrat Singh is a class four student, and two daughters Anshika Singh is a class seven student and Aastha Singh is a class five student. Rahul Prakash Kol was also the National President of Apna Dal S Yuva Manch. Apart from being very close to Anupriya Patel, Rahul Prakash Kol was a great leader of the tribal society.

Pallavi Patel also returned home and expressed his condolences
The body of late MP Rahul Prakash Kol is airlifted from Mumbai. After receiving the news of his death, former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav expressed his condolences by sending a letter. Pallavi Patel, MP for Sirathu also reached Rahul Prakash Kol’s house and assured the family members to stand together in their hour of mourning. Union Minister Anupriya Patel also tweeted her condolences and said I am speechless over Rahul leaving like this.
Entrance – Mukesh Pandey