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Revenge Rape Sensation in Kanpur



Police from Sachendi police station in Kanpur recorded a cross FIR of rape. Two women filed a rape complaint against the husband of the other. The argument between neighboring women grew so much that they began to make serious allegations against each other’s husbands. In the dispute of the neighboring women, their husbands got involved.

Kanpur Crime News
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  • Two women accuse each other’s husbands of rape
  • A young man raped the neighbor
  • Rape complaint to police against each other’s husbands
Kanpur: A strange case has been revealed in Kanpur, UP. In the neighbors’ rivalry, their wives accused each other’s husbands of rape. After the registration of the FIR, this issue became a topic of discussion in Kanpur. The first rape FIR was drafted on February 18 and the second FIR was drafted on February 20. In which two reports of rape were recorded in 48 hours. The police arrested one defendant and sent him to prison.

There was a long-standing dispute between neighbors living in a village in the Sanchedi police station area. A woman had accused a man living in her neighborhood of rape. After which, the police registered the case and arrested the accused. On the other hand, the wife of the accused arrested after 2 days also accused the husband of the woman who complained of rape. The police arrested a woman’s husband and sent him to prison.

The police recorded the two FIRs

In Kanpur, a woman filed an FIR for rape against a local man on February 18. After treating the woman, the police arrested the accused and sent her to prison. Then two days later, on February 20, the accused’s wife accused the husband of the woman who filed the FIR of rape. The police also registered his FIR.

The police are investigating
ACP Nishant Sharma said a woman accused the neighbor of rape. Whose report was recorded and the accused was arrested. After that, on February 20, the accused’s wife also filed an FIR against the neighbor. The woman’s medical examination has been done, preliminary measures will be taken after the report is received. Along with this, the entire episode is also being considered.

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