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Sadaqat’s phone revealed secret, Umesh murder case ‘plan’ was prepared in this hostel in Allahabad University



Prayagraj: Prior to the famous Umesh Pal murder case of Prayagraj, the assailants had done extensive planning. This was revealed when the police arrested a mastermind, Sadaqat. Police obtained mobile screenshot prints as well as illegal ammunition from Sadaqat, seeing which police were shocked. During the interrogation, it was found that the threads of the Umesh Pal murder case were connected from afar.

During the investigation of the case registered at Dhumanganj police station on the Tahrir of Jaya Pal, the complainant in the murder case, the police learned that Guddu Muslim and Ghulam Mohammed, defendants in the murder case from Umesh Pal, had come to meet Sadaqat, a resident of room number 36 of the Muslim hostel at Allahabad University. Meetings were held in this room. The master plan for the Umesh Pal murder case was also prepared here. The number whose phone screenshot was printed is in the name of AhZAM FOROOQ. This name itself gave a big clue to the police. Dhumanganj police from Prayagraj reached room number 36 of the Muslim hostel on February 27 with the arrested mastermind Sadaqat. During the search, prints of mobile screenshots were found under the mattress on the board.

Recall that on February 24, at Sulem Sarai in Prayagraj, Umesh Pal was surrounded and murdered in broad daylight by the attackers. Two gunner constables Sandeep Nishad and Raghavendra Singh also died in the daring attack. On February 27, police killed Arbaaz, a criminal in the Umesh Pal murder case, during an encounter at Nehru Park. At the same time, another mastermind, Sadaqat, was arrested. From Sadakat, the police obtained concrete information on the murder of two police officers engaged in their security, including Umesh Pal.

The plot to kill Umesh Pal hatched in this Allahabad University hostel