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Sadhvi Prachi News: Why did Sadhvi Prachi remember the Shraddha murder case between Swara Bhaskar and Fahadh Ahmed’s marriage?



Barilly: After the marriage of film actress Swara Bhaskar and Samajwadi party leader of Bareilly, Fahad Ahmed, a grand statement from the incendiary leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Sadhvi Prachi came to the fore. Sadhvi Prachi, who often discusses his statements, made a big statement on Monday about Swara-Fahad’s marriage to Bareilly. At the wedding of Maharashtra SP youth wing chairman Fahad Ahmed and film actress Swara Bhaskar, a native of Bareilly’s Baheri, he bluntly stated that the actress should remember 35 coins kept in the Shraddha’s refrigerator. When girls make such a move, they are sometimes found in suitcases and sometimes in bags. Sadhvi added that IAS Tina Dabi did the same. He said if Swara Bhaskar still had sanskar, she would return home soon.

Sadhvi Prachi had come to attend the Women’s Coordination Conference held on Sunday at Saraswati Vidya Mandir School in Amla. He called on people to provide higher education to their daughters as well as religious education and said Sanatanis will now have to teach their daughters to use weapons. Empower girls. The character of great men must be brought to life. At the same time, preparations began to welcome the newly married couple to Bahedi. The resort has been booked. The date of receipt was also revealed. A reception will be held on March 19.

Emphasis on population control law

Sadhvi Prachi emphasized population control on this occasion. He said that today the country needs population control, a uniform civil code. He hoped that within the next five years, India would once again become a united Hindu nation. Sadhvi Prachi also backed Rashtriya leader Swayam Sangh Mohan Bhagwat’s statement made to Bareilly in which he described the ancestors of all Indians as Hindus. In fact, RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat told Bareilly on Sunday that caste discrimination had to be abandoned. The ancestors of every Indian were Hindus. Keep talking to them.

Fahad is a resident of Bareilly, the reception will take place in Bahedi

Film actress Swara Bhaskar became Bareilly’s daughter-in-law. Her husband Fahad Ahmed is a resident of Bareilly’s Bahedi. Both got married recently, but to legalize the marriage, a public wedding ceremony will be held on March 16 at a hotel in Saket, Delhi. On March 19, Daawat-e-Valima (reception) will be held at Bahedi’s ancestral residence, Bareilly. Fahad Ahmed lives in the locality of Islam Nagar in Bahedi. He is the son of Congress leader and social worker Jarrar Ahmed.

Fahad is currently the state chairman of the youth wing of the Samajwadi party in Maharashtra. Currently living in Mumbai only. His ancestral home is also present in Bahedi. Bahedi’s Nirvana Resort has been booked for the reception. Fahad’s father, Jarrar Ahmed, had told the media that after getting married in Delhi on March 16, the son-in-law would come to Behedi on March 17. A reception will be held on March 19.