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Sansad Khel Mahotsav Closing Ceremony: In MP Sports Festival program, PM Narendra Modi said the event is necessary to develop the talent of rural youth, CM Yogi Adityanath was also present



Gorakhpur: The Sansad Khel Mahotsav ended Thursday in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Addressing the closing ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi explained the need for such competitions. He said that Sansad Khel Mahakumbh is very important in promoting the spirit of competition among young people. These sporting events bring out local talent. Also, boosts the morale of the players. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the Sansad Khel Mahakumbh is the solid foundation on which the very tall building of the future will be built. Giving an example, PM Modi explained that in childhood we tried to hang ourselves by holding our legs. This increases our length a little. It was the sign of a strong will.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there was a time when sports competitions were held at village fetes. Players used to try different types of claims in akhadas. With the time change, all these arrangements began to come to an end. He said the PT period in schools was also considered a hobby period. Due to this type of thinking, three to four generations of the country have lost opportunities. Neither sports facilities have increased in the country. Nor has there been any attempt to improve the sport system. You must have seen all kinds of talent hunt shows on TV. Small town children also participate. But, there is a lot of hidden and silent potential in our country. He can’t wait to get out. Sansad Khel Mahakumbh will play a big role in showcasing this potential in the sports world.

Prime Minister Modi said that thousands of BJP MPs in the country are organizing this type of Khel Mahakumbh. You can imagine how many players at the rural level will have the chance to go forward. Through these competitions, many players will go on to play at the state and national level. Many of these talents will emerge among you who will go forward and be part of international sporting events like the Olympics. Will win medals for the country. Therefore, I consider Sansad Khel Mahakumbh as a solid foundation. A very large building of the future will stand there.

CM Yogi Adityanath said during this program that the government is doing continuous work to increase the interest of young people in sports. Awareness of sport has increased among young people. The players have increased the pride of the country. UP players have won laurels in various events. The Chief Minister spoke of encouraging sportsmen in each village through the MP sports competition.