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Saras Mela 2023: Up to the 10th standard earning Rs 12 lakh from the hand weaving business, you can also learn from them



Good news: Jyoti Godkya Goa has given a new lease of life to women’s dreams. Jyoti who comes from a poor family has become a talking point these days at Saras Mela in Noida Haat. With the help of his son, he converted his hobby into a hand weaving business.

saras mela 2023 woman loom
Jyoti displays her wares at Saras Mela

strong points

  • Noida Haat Saras Fair Art Exhibition
  • The income of an educated woman up to 10th is in lakhs
  • The craft, the loom has become a means of eliminating poverty
Raghav Tiwari, Noida: Speaking to people in fluent English at Saras Mela in Noida Haat, Sector 33A, Jyoti Godkya has become a household name in handicrafts and handlooms in Goa, and is now trying to take her art internationally. Jyoti, a resident of Goa, who makes a turnover of more than 12 lakhs a year from the simple loom, says this situation has not always been like this. The real hard work behind this is from his 18-year-old son, Jai. She said she only studied up to the 10th standard. Jyoti from a simple family says I am not very educated, but from the beginning I was interested in hand embroidery, applique, patchwork, bed sheet, quilt cover couch. His hand in this art was so clear that his craftsmanship was displayed on the school bulletin board.

She says they got married in 2002. He had also lost track of this art. 20 years passed, life went by monotonously. The husband used to settle in small fairs. Due to the bad state of the family, the spirit used to hesitate to do something. During this time, his son Jai noticed the artistry of his craftsmanship. I always used to search online and tell them the loom information and location. There was no support in the house. Besides that, being a woman, hesitation and hesitation did not allow her to do anything, but the son always encouraged her. He used to secretly take them to offices and ask for help by showing their ability. Last year, Jai joined 11 women to form the Shri Rashtori Self Help Group. Women started making things like appliques, quilts, sheets, sofa covers, etc. adding their savings. He was the son who taught him how to use the telephone. She used to display these products in the market with her husband, and gradually her business grew.

Son is not with me but taking updates on the phone

Jai saved Jyoti’s number in Jyoti’s phone and memorized her number diligently. Jai did not come with him to the Saras Livelihood Fair, but every day in the evening Jai takes full information from his mother. Jyoti said Jai taught a lot over the phone. This time when she gets home, she will learn online payment from Jai.

The hard work has paid off so much now the stock is getting short

Jyoti said there was a time when all the stock could never be finished. Now the amount of goods that Jyoti had brought to the Saras fair is about to end. Jyoti ordered the goods on Saturday. Instead of transport, Jyoti transports her goods by train, so that the goods can reach her stall as quickly as possible.

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