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Sawan 2022: Youth became shhravan kumar from kaliyuga, reached baghpat from haridwar carrying aged parents on his shoulders



To realize that the status of parents is higher than that of God, a young man took his parents from Haridwar on his shoulder and joined Puramahadev in offering water to the Ganges. The message is clear that even God cannot be pleased with those who cannot serve their parents. This is why parental service is the only true faith.

Shravan Kumar from Kalyug became a young man
Baghpat: You all must have heard the story of Shravan Kumar, who on the shoulders of his parents performed the Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva at Parshurameshwar Mahadev Temple today. Sitting on the shoulders of the parents, the youth brought Gangajal from Haridwar. By bringing the parents in the form of a kanwar, the youth tried to give a message to today’s society. In the modern brilliance, they do not serve their parents and leave them in orphanages.

Brajmohan Gehlot, a young man from the Hindu village of Mirpur in Ghaziabad district, had fetched water in Haridwar on 17 July. Along with Gangajal, he also made his parents sit on his shoulders and started his journey by meditating on Shiva. The young man, who suffered moment to moment from Haridwar, remembering his parents and worshiping Lord Shiva, reached Parashurameshwar Mahadev temple in Pura Mahadev village of Baghpat on the second Monday of the month of Shravan.

Lord Ashutosh’s Jalabhishek was made and wished him to have such parents at every birth. Even Brajmohan’s parents are not happy to have a son like Shravan Kumar. They say that in today’s times, where children don’t serve their parents, they put them in orphanages, my son made a great sacrifice to give a message to these children. We are proud to be the father of such a son who wants to give a new direction to the company in the service of his parents.

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Website title: youth became shravan kumar from kaliyuga, reached baghpat from haridwar carrying aged parents on his shoulders
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