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School News: Children in Gorakhpur have not received any books or shoes socks



Gorakhpur: In every district of Uttar Pradesh, a large part of the budget is released by the government to make the council schools better than the English medium schools, but the surprising thing is that the English medium schools that the council schools are in competition, there As soon as the session begins, the children study from the first day, but even four months after the start of the session, it is far from being a question of clothing, shoes and stockings, yet the books to read were not even found. This reality is CM City Gorakhpur when the CM continues to visit the district continuously.

A child receives 42 books
According to an employee of the BSA office, a child receives a total of 42 pounds. This time, X children’s old books were collected from all schools when the books are overdue. Against 3.36 lakh children, only 25% of the books were received. In such a situation, most children study without books. They can also say that they are going to do the school formality.

I only have two books
A week ago the Hindi Class 1 and Class 6 books arrived at the BSA office, but a muhurta came out to bring these books to the school. The thing to think about is that kids who need to get 42 books and study from grade 1 to 8. What feats will these two books show there?

the children sat at school empty-handed
NavbharatTimes Online team reached the primary school police line on Tuesday. There was a wonderful view here. 48 children were enrolled here, while only five to six children were found sitting in the classroom. These children were also sitting empty-handed. The professor had a book in his hand. Upon asking the children, it turned out that they had not yet received the book.

Notice to BSA
Notices have been sent to many BSAs for being late in the book by the government. There was a discussion that a notice was also sent by the government to BSA Gorakhpur but BSA Gorakhpur rejected it. He said no such notice had come to him.

BSA said the reason
BSA Ramendra Singh said the books did not arrive due to the Kanwar Yatra. Class 1 Hindi and Class 6 Science book has arrived. From Wednesday, it will be sent to be distributed to school children. Very soon there will be many books.
Entrance – Anurag Pandey

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