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Sharia: make eyebrows, hairstyle and grafting illegal among Muslims, know what the Sharia says



Barilly: It is not permitted for Muslim women or men to have their eyebrows, twisted or waxed. They can be cut if necessary. The Barelvi Maslak (Centre) has publicized many of these rulings for practicing Sunni Muslims. The Ulama also said that it is not permissible to grow someone else’s hair on your head. People who believe in Barelvi Maslak send their questions from the country and the world. The main questions posed therein are discussed during the annual seminar of the Sharia Council of India. In the discussion, you pose the question to Qazi-e-Hindustan Asjad Raza Khan. It gives the final verdict on the answers to these questions.

During the seminar held at the Dargah Ala Hazrat Madrasa Islamic Study Center from February 13 to 15, three main questions were posed to the Ulama. Earning from YouTube is legitimate or illegitimate, it was asked to decide next year. Apart from this, two other issues like hair transplant, getting eyebrows done and giving divorce via text message which Shariat says were discussed.

it’s not fair to shave your eyebrows

National General Secretary of Jamaat Raza-e-Mustafa, Farman Mian said that a person’s question was put to the Ulama panel whether hair transplantation falls under the category of treatment or not? Answered on what hair transplantation is justified. It was a reference that if for some reason the natural hair has fallen out, then you can do the treatment to regrow your hair. However, it is not allowed to grow the hair of another person or animal on your head. In another question, plucking and thinning or twisting the eyebrows was considered illegitimate. The reference was that its original form should not be altered. The hair rules apply to both men and women.

said during the divorce

Legally, triple talaq is a crime, but it is continually discussed with reference to Shariah. One person asked her husband to text his wife to give ‘a divorce’. If he sends it once or three times, will it be considered triple talaq or not? The answer came that it would be treated as a divorce. In this case, a talaq was written three times. If the relevant words are typed on the mobile phone with the intention of sending the talaq, the talaq will be valid. Whether this message is sent to the woman or not. Even if the message is deleted, it will be considered a divorce. The SMS was treated as a letter or any other means of communication in the light of Sharia. In such a situation, messages sent by SMS will be considered valid.

National Secretary General of Jamaat Raza-e-Mustafa Farman Mian said major issues were raised during the three-day seminar. The Ulama discussed it in the light of the Shari’ah. After which Qazi Ek Hindustan fixed the answers to questions related to Hair Transplant and SMS.