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Shivpal Yadav attack on BJP: Shivpal Yadav declared a big attack on the government and officials regarding the arrest of SP leader, RP Yadav



Rae Baréli: Samajwadi Party National General Secretary Shivpal Yadav reminded officials of his former position. After the arrest of the SP leader, he was angry with the issue of changing prisons. The local MP targeted officials on the issue of lack of information in this regard. That said, every day is not the same. Accused the Bharatiya Janata Party government of ending democracy in the country and in the state. He said that the UP officers also knew that who was more powerful than us at any given time? The situation will also change in the future. He said the BJP government is destroying democracy. Babasaheb’s constitution is being abolished. Democracy doesn’t work that way. Our democratic form is the most powerful in the world and it is being torn apart.

What is the problem?

Former Samajwadi Party District Chairman RP Yadav was arrested 2 days ago for threatening the witness in the notorious Aditya murder case in Rae Bareilly. The national general secretary of the Samajwadi party, Shivpal Yadav, came to meet him. Before Shivpal Yadav reached Rae Bareli, RP Yadav was transferred to Sultanpur prison. There he was detained in Barracks Number 12 of the District Jail. Shivpal Yadav accused the SP leader of harassment.

Shivpal wrote a letter to SM about this. He was also due to meet the DM on Friday. Shivpal alleges that no response was given to him by the DM. He questioned the working style of the officers. surrounded the government. Ministers were targeted. Mentioned about the big victory of Mainpuri Lok Sabha by-election and warned the Bharatiya Janata Party. He said every day is not the same. The situation will change.

How the elections are going, we will tell

Shivpal Yadav warned the BJP that we will tell how the elections go. He said government officials have become so autocratic that the public will surely face problems. MPs are not listened to. He said there were many sectarian ministers in the UP government. You should ask them how much it works in their department? Impossible to transfer a peon. If you can’t act on even a small employee, then why should you be a minister. Why should he be the chief deputy minister? Why are you talking about so many things?

Shivpal Yadav targeted Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya without naming him. He said that in Mainpuri election there were loudmouthed ministers. What did the public do to him? Shivpal said further we will tell how the elections went? We have the post of secretary general of the Samajwadi party. We will strengthen the organization of the party. He will be told that he contested the election. Work will be done to remove these people (BJP) from here.