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Siddharthnagar News: Vulture found in Siddharthnagar, intelligence device mounted on body – Vulture found in siddharthnagar intelligence device mounted on body



Siddharthnagar: The carcass of a vulture was found in Pakaraila village of Kathala Police Station in Siddharthnagar, UP on Friday. It is believed that he died after being hit by a power line. The shocking situation came to light when the device was found in the Vulture’s carcass. The news of this spread like fire. As soon as the information was received, the police and forest department team also went to the scene, but where the vulture came from could not be known. The Forest Service team took possession of the body.

The vulture whose carcass was found is an extinct bird species. The vulture carcass was also tagged. It was like a transmitter. As soon as the discussion has heated up. A crowd gathered at the scene of the incident. Everyone was discussing why the bird had installed a GPS. Is this a question related to the intelligence service? At this time, it is not known where the bird came from and why the device and beacon were installed.

Inspector Saudagar Rai, in charge of Kathala Police Station, said an extinct species of vulture was found dead. It seems that he died following an electrocution. Nothing can be said about the label and transmitter yet. This device may have been installed to find its location. The people from the forest department took the body. He will find out his status.

Confirming the case, DFO Chandeshwar Singh said that to save the vultures in Nepal, an organization is doing research on vulture extinction and they had installed the device on it, so that he can be in contact with them and that he was from Nepal. Had stolen.
Entrance – Waitezaar Haider

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