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… So, did former BJP minister Dharam Singh Saini accept a bribe to gain recognition? STF Indictment Reveals There is No NEET Admission in Ayush Colleges



Lucknow: Former AYUSH Minister Dharam Singh Saini had accepted a bribe for approval of college recognition. A bribe of Rs 60 lakh crore was received for the recognition of UG and PG. Much of it was given to the former minister. This was revealed in the indictment filed by STF regarding admission into Ayush colleges without NEET exam. ADJ Ramakant Prasad, Special Judge, Prevention of Corruption Act, saw the indictment filed by the STF on Wednesday.

During the investigation of STF, the accused Professor SN Singh (former director Ayush) and Dr Umakant Yadav told STF in their statements that in 2019, under an order issued by the Supreme Court, Dr. Anwar Saeed and Dr. Akram in the direction Dr. had met Umakant. Akram and Saeed told Umakant that if the Supreme Court order is complied with as soon as possible, then they will give Rs 10 lakh crore for recognition of UG and Rs 50 lakh for PG.

With that, SN Singh and Umakant both assured that the job will be done and will bring them to meet the minister. The two spoke to Rajkumar Diwakar, personal secretary to then minister Dharam Singh Saini, and made an appointment. Diwakar introduced Saeed and Akram to the then minister.

After getting work assurance from there, Saeed and Akram gave Rs 10 lakh crore to SN Singh and Umakant for UG on different dates. Then also gave 50 lakh rupees for the PG file. Which was distributed among then Minister Dharam Singh Saini, Prof. SN Singh, Umakant Yadav and people associated with the transmission process of the file.

The declaration of the private secretary will increase the difficulties
The statement of his personal secretary Raj Kumar Diwakar against the then minister Dharam Singh Saini will increase the difficulties the most. STF registered Rajkumar Diwakar’s statement under Section 164 of the CrPC before the Magistrate. Rajkumar Diwakar repeated the same statement given under 161 in 164 as well. He confirmed the bribe received by the former minister in his statements. He also confirmed the statements of Professors SN Singh and Umakant.

The request for early bail was rejected
The then minister, Dharam Singh Saini, had applied for early bail in court for apprehension of arrest after STF sent a notice of 91 CrPC, which was rejected by the court. Indeed, after the declarations of SN Singh, Umakant and Rajkumar Diwakar, the STF had asked Dharam Singh Saini to appear with tax investigation documents against him. But he did not appear citing illness. When he tried to contact then Minister Dharam Singh Saini about the STF indictment but was unable to speak to him.