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SP MLA Irfan Solanki’s 300 square meter plot sealed off in Ghaziabad



Tejesh Chauhan, Ghaziabad: Actions are ongoing against Yogi government mafias in Uttar Pradesh. In this episode, a 300 square meter plot of SP MLA Irfan Solanki of Kanpur is also present at Madhuban Bapudham of Ghaziabad. This plot is in the name of his wife Naseema Solanki and Irfan Solanki. A five-member team including Inspector Sunil Kumar, Deputy Inspector Vivek Sharma, a Chief Constable and two police constables was dispatched from Kanpur to Ghaziabad to seal off this 300 square meter plot worth $100,000. ‘about 5 crores, and the ground was sealed after sticking a good notice. Left.

Property of SP MLA worth Rs 5 crore attached
According to reports, a gangster case has been filed against Irfan Solanki and many serious allegations have been made against him. Currently, Irfan Solanki is being held in Maharajganj prison in Uttar Pradesh. His property worth millions has already been seized. In Madhuban Bapudham, Ghaziabad, in March 2017, a land of around 300 square meters was registered in the name of Khan Solanki and his wife Naseema Solanki, although this land is still vacant, its estimated cost is around ₹5 crore .

A 5 member team from Kanpur reached Ghaziabad and plot number C-35 was sealed under Section 14A. It is said that apart from Ghaziabad there is also a plot of Irfan Saulanki in Gautam Budh Nagar, information is also gathered from the officials.

Irfan Solanki’s 300 square meter plot sealed
Inspector SK Singh of Feelkhana, Kanpur, who arrived with a 5-member team to establish Irfan Solanki’s conspiracy, said a case had been filed against Irfan Solanki and several of his associates under the post of police Jajmau Kanpur Nagar 156/22 UP Gangster Act. Of which they have the interpretation.

In this episode, the illegal holdings of Irfan Solanki and his associates are marked in favor of the state government. Irfan Solanki also owns a 300 square meter plot in Madhuban Bapudham. Whose sealing was done today. He said that apart from that, ownership of Irfan Solanki is also told in Gautam Buddha Nagar. This property will also be sealed after contacting the authorities.