SP MP ST Hasan: On the vandalism in Hindu temple in Britain, SP MP ST Hasan said – it’s natural…

SP MP ST Hasan: On the vandalism in Hindu temple in Britain, SP MP ST Hasan said – it’s natural…

Moradabad: The hidden pain of Samajwadi Party MP ST Hasan in Uttar Pradesh has come to the fore over the attack on a Hindu temple in Britain. He blamed the people who had left India for this attack. ST Hasan says the politics of hate going on in India is responsible for this attack on the temple. He said that the arbitrariness of the anti-Hindu gang continues to increase in Britain and that the administration fails to put an end to this arbitrariness. On Saturday, Muslim protesters in the British city of Leicester targeted the temple and pulled down the saffron flag.

In Smethwick, Birmingham, extremists demonstrated outside the temple and it is claimed that during this time bottles and firecrackers were thrown at the temple. ST Hasan said those who quarreled abroad left from India itself. It is natural that his ideal should be India. This is the effect of the politics of hatred that is taking place in the country. Wherever the people of our country live, it affects there. Let us tell you that SP MP ST Hasan had also raised questions about the decision to investigate Waqf Board properties in UP. He said he doubted the government’s intention regarding this decision.

A Hindu temple in Britain is now the target of ‘Pakistani Muslims’, the Indian High Commission reacts strongly when the saffron flag is uprooted
Is that the whole problem?
In fact, recently there has been a lot of rowdiness in Leicester, England. The saffron flag was removed from Hindu temples here, after which the atmosphere became quite tense. Hindu and Muslim communities clashed. The reason for the violence was said to be fake news, which spread quickly and people started gathering here. After that, similar incidents were observed. At present, security at the Hindu temple in Birmingham, UK has been tightened. Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar also held talks with the British Foreign Secretary on the matter.

In fact, there have been communal tensions between Hindus and Pakistani Muslims in Leicester since last month’s Asian Cup match. Instances of violence have been seen since the match in which India beat Pakistan. After that, there was another incident in Leicester a few days ago where Pakistanis were targeting Indians by forming a Muslim gang. An attempt was also made to attack the Indians with a knife. During this time too, a person had torn off the saffron flag in front of a house.
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