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Staff increased in control room to keep an eye out for hooligans strictness will remain on holi until march 8th – noida control room itms to watch during holi festival news



Naida: Traffic officers have been augmented to monitor surveillance cameras installed at major intersections around the clock to maintain a better security system on Holi. Apart from this, traffic wardens will be deployed with breath analyzers at 30 major intersections. Barricades will be made on 46 main squares in the district from March 7 in the evening.

DCP Traffic Anil Yadav said that on the occasion of Holi, 10 additional police officers were deployed to monitor CCTV 24 hours a day in the Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) and control room located in Sector 94 to monitor hooliganism. Thus, shift change CCTV can be monitored. So that the traffic police can act quickly in the event of a hoodang or an accident.

From March 6 to March 8, additional traffic police personnel will be on duty. Police officers will be deployed at the 30 main locations with breath analyzers. People will be informed from Monday even through the public announcement system. DCP Traffic said strict action will be taken against those who engage in hooliganism on Holi Day. Apart from this, additional crane arrangements have been made at all borders including Chilla border, DND border in the city so that traffic can be cleared as soon as possible in case of any accident.

Apart from this, DCP said that in the past few years, Holika Dahan and playing Holi have been reported in the places where more accidents have happened or more complaints have been received from people. PCR and PRV will be deployed in these sensitive locations. Meanwhile, the traffic police personnel will be in contact with the civil police and share information from moment to moment.

The barricade will remain at 46 locations
DCP Traffic specifies that from March 7 in the evening, barricades will be made at approximately 46 places in the district. Maximum barricade will be carried out at 20 places in Noida area. There will be barricades at 15 locations in central Noida and 11 locations in Greater Noida.