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Stuck in line all night, but not having a ticket… getting home to Holi turns out to be very expensive and difficult



Ghaziabad: Coming home in Holi turns out to be a very expensive and difficult journey for people. There is no room on almost all trains from Delhi to East UP and Bihar and a long wait on special trains. Despite the queue during the night, confirmed tickets are not available even immediately. Air travel from Delhi has become very expensive and ticket prices are constantly rising. At present, only the support of roads and private travel buses to return home on the festival remain.

People made reservations four months in advance to go from Delhi to eastern UP and Bihar. Due to which there were no seats on most trains and on some trains the wait reached over 150. For those wishing to return home, the only recourse now left is Tatkal tickets . On Sunday, there was a huge crowd of ticket takers at the railway reservation counter.

However, under the Tatkal service, only those who stood at numbers two and three in line could get tickets. Many of them had come that very night and started queuing. Despite this, he was unable to obtain a confirmed ticket. Many people couldn’t even get hold tickets. That is why these people are now considering returning home by bus. Similar conditions should prevail on Monday and Tuesday for the reservation.

the number did not work
The line numbering system was set up by the central reservations office. Under this, whoever arrives first receives a token for being the first in line. Those who came at night and started queuing got the starting numbers. On Sunday, more than 100 people reached the reservation center in search of tickets. Among them, 15 to 20 people stayed outside the center all night. He received a token when the center opened in the morning. After the Tatkal service opened, seats were filled in just three minutes. Only 22 people were able to get tickets for Sunday through Tatkal.

problem with internet
There is also online booking for booking. The reservation of tickets is also carried out by travel agencies after the immediate opening. They have a fast system, they book as many tickets as possible and people don’t get tickets even after queuing for hours.

what people say
Udayan Garg says, “I have to go to Amethi and I’ve been trying to book tickets for four days but haven’t received the booking. I am now trying to book a ticket through a travel agency. If I get the ticket I can go to Amethi otherwise I will go after Holi.

While Shubham Mishra says for the past three years he couldn’t go home to Holi. Also this time the confirmed ticket to Benares is not available. I have been coming for the Tatkal ticket for two days, but the seats are filling up even before the number arrives.

Suresh says he came to get the ticket to go to Kanpur in an instant. I came to the counter at 5am but by then there were a lot of people waiting in line. I got number five but couldn’t get the ticket.

This is the train status

Train 3rd AC (Waiting) Sleeper (Waiting)

Shramjevi Express 90 140
Vikramchila Express 87 150
Sampoorna Kranti Express 90 210
Poorva Express 95 240
Courier of Brahmaputra 89 180
Avadh Assam Express 90 190
Bihar Sampark Kranti 105 220
Satyagraha express 110 225
Vaishali express 90 185

(The situation is constantly changing)