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Success story: Illiterate Meena wrote a new success story, “Bahuria Ka Masala” is famous all the way to Mumbai



Amethi: Many problems arise in life. Some accept defeat in the face of these troubles, while others face them courageously and become an example. Something similar is the story of Meena Kumari from Amethi. Meena never went to school as a child. But he intended to do something in his mind, so after his marriage he started making spices at home. The fame of his small startup has reached Mumbai.
Meena from Gauriganj is not educated at all. When responsibilities increased after marriage.

Meena started her own business through her hard work and tireless effort. In 2014, she joined a self-help group and then started the spice business at home. Previously, they did not benefit from it. But now they are much better

Bahuria spice is famous from Amethi to Mumbai

Meena Devi’s spice is completely pure. This spice is known everywhere as Bahuria ka Masala. Now their spices have made their way even in Mumbai. According to Meena, there is no adulteration of any kind in the spice and it is completely pure and beneficial to health.

Start of employment for the maintenance of the family

During the conversation, Meena said that she benefits a lot from this business. They don’t have agriculture. He started this job to take care of the family. When this job started earlier, it had to deal with problems for a few days and the sales did not happen. But today the identity of our spice has become and we are sold, people love it.

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FIRST POST: January 26, 2023, 10:09 p.m. HST