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Teacher rapes 8th grade student in Kanpur



Kanpur: A surprising case has been revealed in Kanpur in UP. In the city of Bhiratgaon, a private teacher raped a student in class 8. When the student’s condition began to deteriorate, he ran away leaving the bicycle in front of the house at three in the morning. The frightened student arrived home and told her family members about her past. The next day, relatives called the teacher at home under the pretext of calling the student. When the teacher arrived at the student’s home, family members beat him hostage. After that, he was handed over to the police. There is a high school in Bhitargaon town located under Sadh police station. A teacher named Saurabh Soni teaches at the school.

Escape leaving the house at three in the morning
A teacher raped a 13-year-old student at home. But after midnight, the girl’s health deteriorated. Due to which the teacher panicked and around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, leaving the student outside the house on the bicycle, ran away. The student alleges that the teacher raped her three times. When the student arrived home in a depressed state, family members were shocked to see the girl’s condition.

Plan made to catch the professor
The student’s family members had decided to teach the teacher a lesson. The parents told the student that there was no one in the house. Everyone will return in the evening. Saurabh Soni reached the student’s house hearing this. As soon as Saurabh arrived home, the family members grabbed him. The student’s family members beat her severely. After that, he was handed over to the police.

Sadh police station official Sachchidanand said the girl’s father had filed a complaint against the accused. A report has been filed against the accused Saurabh Soni after he had the student treated.