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The 22 lakh combustion unit has been gathering dust in Ghaziabad since 2007, due to lack of staff it has become a centerpiece



Ghaziabad: In Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, there is no treatment for burns caused by fire. Because there is no burning unit here. Because of this, people are sent to AIIMS in Delhi, but often the condition of the victim is so critical that he dies on the way. The health department claims to provide facilities to people under the new medical campaign, but so far it seems to have failed to carry out the old project. After 2007, no work was done on the burns unit in the neighborhood. Claims to activate it have remained limited to papers alone.

Surprisingly, there is not even a single burning unit in an area that has hundreds of residents. When this was discussed with the Department of Health they said that due to understaffing it could not be made functional for adult patients. There is also a lack of resources here.

dusty combustion unit

The combustion unit was built at MMG in 2007, but it too is now gathering dust. The unit is non-functional due to unavailability of personnel and equipment. In such a situation, burn victims should turn to Delhi. Due to non-availability of facilities of burns unit, burns people have to rely on hospitals in Delhi overnight. Only 10 to 15% of burn victims are treated in the district.

The combustion unit is active. There are nurses here too, but there is a lack of resources. Up to 20% of burn victims are treated, but those with more are referred to Delhi. A letter has been written to the administration to this effect. A request has also been made on this subject.

Dr. Manoj Chaturvedi, CMS

Was prepared at a cost of 22 lakhs

To provide immediate treatment to those burned in the district fire, the burns unit was prepared in 2007 at a cost of 22 lakhs. But then it could not start due to non-appointment of staff. There is talk of starting it every Diwali, but nothing is done. He started here with six beds, air conditioning to admit burn patients. Initially, a nurse and a ward boy were deployed, while the ward required a surgeon, a plastic surgeon, three nurses, two ward boys. Due to staff unavailability, serious patients are not treated here. The district receives 20 to 25 burn cases per month, which are referred to Delhi.