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the apartment will be given away after verification of the solidity of the foundation to the wall-roof, good news for 16,000 buyers in noida



Naida: There is good news for around 16,000 buyers who have purchased apartments in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Buyers will only get the apartment after checking the strength of the wall to the foundation and the roof. For this, the builder carrying out the collective housing project will have the structural audit carried out. Only after all goes well in this audit, the Noida authority will give their approval to hand over the apartment to the buyers along with the occupancy certificate. If there is a gap or weakness in the structure, the builder will have to remove it. This big change is going to come from the structural audit policy of Noida Authority.

By doing this, apprehension will be removed from the minds of buyers whether the apartment he is going to live in with his family is solid or not. The Authority is preparing to implement this policy in March. It will be the first time in the real estate sector that buyers will obtain their apartment after a structural audit. In the multi-storey residential building constructed so far, the authority used to see the report of the structural engineer or the agency. The report was built on the robustness of data on building design and the use of building materials.

Authority officials said that after the policy takes effect, any builder applying for a certificate of occupancy and completion will be required to submit a structural audit report. If the builder takes a partial OC for 4 apartments, he will then have to carry out a structural audit of 4 apartments and make a report. Without a structural audit, the builder’s client will not consider it ready or habitable for buyers. After the policy comes into force, at present, 46 multi-unit housing projects running in the city will come under its scope. These are the projects in which the builder must prepare the apartments and give them to the buyers. Of these, there are many such projects in which half or more of the apartments have been prepared by the builder buyers. According to estimates by the Authority’s planning department, there will be about 16,000 apartments in these ongoing projects, which will be ready in 5-6 months and builders will apply for OC-CC.

The structural audit should be carried out by the appointed agency only.
Any builder in the Noida authority area who is to take OC or CC from the authority will have to choose the agency constituted by the authority to have the structural audit carried out. For this, the authority is preparing a panel of 15 agencies. After completing the process of 7 agencies, their panel was also formed. These include IIT Kanpur, MNIT Prayagraj, University of Delhi, BITS Pilani, NIT Jaipur and CBRI Roorkee. From now on, the authority will include those whose consent will continue to come into the panel.

The structural audit will take 2 to 3 months
Authority officials said the time needed for the structural audit would depend on the height of the building and the number of apartments. If the height of the tower is 20 floors and the number of apartments is more than 500, it will take 2-3 months. That’s why builders need to prepare for it in advance. In order to make the policy effective, this information will also be passed on to manufacturers. Especially builders whose projects are currently underway. In the new projects that will come, its information will only be given at the level of the passage of the card.