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The black money was spent in Ayodhya! Land purchase increased after decision on Ram temple, income tax department’s eye on IAS-PCS officers



Ayodhya Land Income Tax Update: Income Tax Department may crack down on many IAS and UP PCS officers in fierce land purchase case land in Ayodhya. The department has started collecting field data. They suspect that a lot of black money was spent in Ayodhya. Now it will be studied.

ayodhya black money income tax
Suspicion of black money consumption in Ayodhya, many IAS PCS on the radar

strong points

  • After the decision on Ram Mandir, a lot of land was purchased
  • Afraid that black money will be spent in Ayodhya
  • Also watch for IAS PCS officers
Lucknow: The Income Tax Department collects details of large plots purchased in the last three years in Ayodhya and surrounding areas. It is believed that this investigation may come in the way of many IAS and state PCS agents. According to sources, after the announcement of the construction of the temple of Ram in Ayodhya, the officials and their relatives bought land on a large scale. It also includes several large plots.

The Income Tax Department also examines the details of movable and immovable property declared by these IAS and PCS agents. We are trying to find out if the black money has been spent on the purchase of land. It is also found that the big builders or organizations that bought the land did not spend the officials’ money on it.

Land prices rose as soon as the decision on Ram Mandir came

In 2019, the verdict fell on the Ram Mandir Babri Masjid dispute of Ayodhya. After that, the way was cleared for the great construction of the Temple of Ram. Along with this, an expansion plan for Ayodhya has also been drawn up at the state and central government level. After this information, there was a competition to buy land in Ayodhya. Along with this, land prices have steadily increased in Ayodhya. It is also mentioned that many administrative agents bought land in the name of their family and relatives. Now the Yogi government is also seen to be in the mood to investigate this matter.

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