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The conversion game took place in Kanpur



Sumit Sharma, Kanpur: A surprising incident was revealed in Kanpur in UP. People were converted to Kanpur by luring them with jobs and a better life. The police recovered a large amount of propaganda material from the apartment. Along with this, some books have also been found in the Taiwan language. In this case, the police arrested two people. In which one claims to be an inhabitant of Chamoli in Uttarakhand. The other claims to be a third-generation Christian.

One person was living with a rented flat in Shyamnagar located in Chakeri police station area. The local population had complained to the Chakeri police station that the conversion work was being done from the apartment. On this information, the force of the Chakeri police station had reached the scene. The police recovered laptops, computers, a large amount of propaganda material for the religious conversion of the apartment. In addition to the two defendants, the police also contacted four people prepared for conversion. The police are also investigating their funding link.

Suspicious content found in Taiwanese language
Joint Police Commissioner Ananddev Tiwari said it was a big deal. One person lived with an apartment. He claims to be a native of Chamoul in Uttarakhand. In the kind of documents found, some things are visible in the Taiwanese language. It seems that an investigation is necessary for more details. These people lived in this apartment, here they did the work of religious conversion in the name of temptation, work and a better lifestyle.

Rs 2 lakh is the monthly expense
He said that we found four such people who had not yet joined the religion. We have two such people, one of whom calls himself a Christian. Others are outsiders, doing all sorts of things while taking apartments here. Their monthly expenses are more than two lakh rupees. He has no local source of income here. Prima facie, it seems that some organized work was going on here. Be operated by an NGO.

Find out about pre-trial detention
Our police team will question them by taking them into custody, so that the rest of the details can be revealed. At present, two people have been arrested. One is from outside, who had taken an apartment here. He started his propaganda system from the apartment. The second, who calls himself a third-generation Christian, is from the area and was fully supportive. Legal action is being taken against them under the Religious Conversion Bill.