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The corpse of a leopard found in a canal in a group of pilibhit experts will do the autopsy



Report: Srijit Awasthi

Pilibhit. The body of an adult leopard was found in a canal exiting Pilibhit Tiger Reserve located in Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh. Passengers notified the Forest Service upon seeing the corpse. Forest service employees pulled the corpse out of the canal after hard work. To find out the cause of death, the autopsy of the leopard’s body will now be carried out by a panel of experts.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh is in the limelight due to the frequent movements of wild animals. But recently, a surprising case surfaced. In fact, some local people used to cross the branch canal bridge from Hardoi through Kalinagar region to Pilibhit. His eyes fell on the wildlife descending into the channel. When passers-by looked closely, it turned out to be the body of a leopard. People immediately informed the whole matter to the Forestry Department. After which the Forest Service team arrived on the scene, after much effort, pulled the leopard’s body out of the canal.

The panel of experts will do the post-mortem

The reason for the leopard’s death is not yet clear. Officials say the autopsy will be carried out by a panel of experts. The cause of death will only be clear after the report. On the whole matter, the DFO of Social Forestry Sanjeev Kumar said that after informing the local people, the team that arrived at the scene immediately took possession of the corpse and sent it for autopsy. Appropriate action will be taken based on all the facts emerging from the report.

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