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The dacoit who played terror holi for three decades will now be able to play holi in his home



Dhirendra Shukla

Chitrakoot. Radhe aka Subedar Patel, nicknamed the mastermind of the Dasyu Samrat Dadua gang, arrived home after 14 years and 11 months. Over 100 criminal cases against Radhe Patel were pending in court. After serving the prison and getting out of the jungle world, he goes to Chitrakoot to celebrate the first Holi with his family.

Tell it, Subedar Patel had killed many people at the request of Dasyu Samrat Dadua. Dadua was killed by the STF in the Mayawati government of Uttar Pradesh. After that Radhe alias Subedar Patel traveled to Madhya Pradesh.

Holi of colors after 14 years 11 months

Speaking to News18 Local, Subedar aka Radhe Patel said the first happiness filled Holi of my life was going to be with my wife and children. I have played Holi in the jungle for many decades, but for the first time I will be playing Holi with my children at home. I am unable to describe this moment of happiness. It will be a wonderful Holi for me.

Dasyu Samrat’s advice to society

Subedar Patel said people often argue during Holi. But, I believe Holi is a festival of love and connection among all. It should be maintained. I have now returned to society. Staying in society, I absorbed myself in the activities of society. I don’t want to go to the forest now. Jungle Holi is painful Holi. There is no greater happiness in life than celebrating Holi with family.

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