The family lived with the corpse for a year and a half

The family lived with the corpse for a year and a half

Kanpur: A heartbreaking incident has been revealed in Kanpur, UP. A family kept the body of the income tax officer alive in the house for a year and a half. The whole family lived with the corpse. The family believed that the tax agent was alive and that he was in this condition because he was in a coma. But on Friday, the medical team trained by the CMO reached the house of the deceased with the police. Then it was revealed that the family had been living with the corpse for a year and a half. Hearing this, the ground slipped under the neighbors’ feet. The medical team took possession of the officer’s body and sent him to Hallet Hospital.

Vimlesh Kumar, a resident of Krishnapuri located in Rawatpur Police Station area, has been assigned as an AO in the Income Tax Department of Ahmedabad. Vimlesh Kumar fell seriously ill during the Corona period. The family had admitted him to a private hospital on April 19, 2021. Vimlesh Kumar died on April 22, 2021 while undergoing treatment. The hospital had issued Vimlesh Kumar’s death certificate. Relatives did not believe, so after death they were taken to another hospital. Wherever doctors declared Vimlesh Kumar dead.

The family did not perform the last rites
The relatives returned home with the dead body of Vimlesh Kumar. Preparations for the last rites of the corpse continued. Then his wife Mithali said that Vimlesh’s pulse continued and he was in a coma. After that, the body was not cremated and was kept in the house. The wife and family members were convinced that Vimlesh was alive. The family claims that they were kept alive by pouring Gangajal daily. At the same time, the condition of the corpse became very bad. The skin and flesh of the body are stuck in the bones.

how the incident happened
Vimlesh Kumar hadn’t been to work for a year and a half. Vimlesh’s family members continued to pretend to be alive. Due to which the Income Tax Department was unable to submit its final report. A letter has been written on behalf of the Income Tax Department to Kanpur DM requesting to conduct an investigation regarding the death of the AO officer. Regarding this, DM had written a letter to Kanpur CMO Alok Ranjan and ordered an investigation.

Marketing Director Alok Ranjan had formed a three-member team under Deputy Marketing Director Dr. Gautam. The team reached Vimlesh Kumar’s house on Friday. Relatives began to protest against the removal of the corpse. With that, the police also reached the place. According to information, the mental state of the wife of the deceased is not good. Deputy CMO says a chemical was applied to the corpse.

Panic among neighbors and neighborhood
The people and relatives of Vimlesh Kumar locality, assigned to the Accounts Department of the Income Tax Department, Ahmedabad, were believed to be alive. When neighbors and locals learned that Vimlesh had died a year and a half ago. Everyone was shocked to hear this, neighbors say that until now our locality lived with the corpse. We never realized that. There was never a stench in the house, family members used to say Vimlesh was in a coma. If we had any idea, we would have informed the police.
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