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The girl who went to meet her lover jumped to her death in the building in Greater Noida.



The young man and woman living in Dankaur area of ​​Greater Noida had a long-standing love affair. The girl reached the building under construction to meet her lover. Suddenly, his father reached him from behind. Seeing her father, the girl took fright and jumped from the eighth floor of the building.

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Naida: A 20-year-old girl committed suicide by jumping from the eighth floor of a building under construction in the Dankaur police station area. According to the police, the young girl had gone to meet her boyfriend who lives there. Meanwhile, his father arrived there. Police said the girl got scared after seeing her father and killed herself by jumping from a height.

The police registered a complaint against the girl’s lover for incitement to suicide and arrested him. Inspector in Charge of Dankaur Police Station, Sanjay Kumar Singh said a family from Mathura was living in Greater Noida. A 20-year-old girl in the family had a love affair with Lala Kumar for a long time. Kumar worked in a construction company in the area of ​​Dankaur police station.

Lover arrested on father’s complaint

The love affair between the young man and the girl had been going on for a long time. The girl reached the building under construction on Friday evening to meet her lover. She was sitting and talking with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, his father arrived there. The girl got scared when she saw her father and jumped from the eighth floor of the building. He said he was admitted to Jims Hospital in Greater Noida in critical condition where doctors pronounced him dead. The police arrived at the scene, took the body into custody and sent it for autopsy. On the father’s complaint, the police registered a file and arrested the accused lover.

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