The murder of a young man in Azamgarh created a row

The murder of a young man in Azamgarh created a row

Azamgarh: A youth was shot dead on Tuesday night in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. The morning after the murder, family members rowdy and jammed the steering wheel. DM Vishal Bhardwaj arrived there and pacified the people and secured the action. During the day, the Revenue Department team led by Judicial Magistrate Vimal Dubey and Tehsildar Umashankar Tripathi arrived at the scene and examined the map. In which it was found that the killer’s family took possession of 28 Air Pokhri. Afterwards, two JCBs arrived on the spot and demolished the enclosure wall, the barn, two bedrooms, a toilet and dug the pit for the pond. During this time there was some encroachment by adjacent pattidars, which were cleared.

In the shooting case of Adarsh ​​Mishra (23) at Hariharpur Kandharapur Police Station area, Father Rajesh Mishra filed a complaint on behalf of the station chief on Wednesday night. In which it was said that Goldie Yadav had been prowling around the house for a few days. Speak dialect to women and girls. He had an evil eye and used obscene words. Because of this, Adarsh ​​Mishra had stopped him on the morning of the incident himself and told him why are you doing this. Goldie was angry about this. Goldie and Sushil Yadav and their friends came on two bikes overnight. The attackers from the two motorcycles began to mistreat them. After that, when he was arrested, Goldie shot Adarsh ​​Mishra in the head with a pistol kept with him, which went through and he died instantly. People were shocked when they heard the sound of bullets.

Azamgarh MP Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua said
Azamgarh MP Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua also reached Lachirampur Hospital after the incident of the shooting incident at Hariharpur. Here he spoke to family members and comforted them. He also interacted with people associated with Hariharpur Sangeet Gharana. Speaking to the media, he said he was very shocked. He spoke to the DM and SP and said the accused should be arrested at the earliest. The real reason will only be known after their capture. The way the law is handled, he will certainly be punished.


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