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The people of Allahabad…there will be no Atiq Ahmed for many centuries, that evening the don sitting on the dais continued to listen to Misre – umesh pal murder allahabad walo koi atiq ahmed nahi hoga imran pratapgarhi viral shayari



No one will be equal to your height

No one will be equal to your height

Standing in the Mushaira, this young poet began to recite Misra,

It’s a poet’s claim that will never be undone

(showing Ateeq)

Now no one will be equal to your height

people of allahabad remember me

(I thought a lot before telling these Egyptians, I heard a lot, tolerated a lot, then I was able to dare… The newspapers of this country cannot write the truth that I tell with my life on the palm)

There will be no Atiq Ahmed for several centuries

There are great miseries, but what is sung is necessary

(Why an educated poet, why a very responsible citizen of this country, a famous poet in the world was forced to say this Misra because … sometimes I drink coffee standing in the Civil Lines cafe, so I know that no matter what, there is someone sitting a few miles away who will take care of everything) After that, there was applause.

The pain must overflow on the lips

people of allahabad remember me
This person’s shadow is needed over your city

Imran Pratapgarhi is now a congressman

Imran Pratapgarhi is now a congressman

After that, there was a lot of noise and the wah-wah started to sound. Now let us tell you who this poet was. He was Imran Pratapgarhi. Yes, the same person who is currently a Rajya Sabha MP in Congress and who is also the national chairman of the minority cell of the party. He received the Yash Bharti award. This program was held on November 25, 2015 at Majidia Islamia Inter College, Prayagraj. Everything Imran said in praise of Atiq that night is still remembered today. Many people shared clips of this Mushaira on Twitter. Imran Pratapgarhi said: “The life of Atiq Ahmed, the character of Atiq Ahmed and Allahabad. Hearing this, the noise of people increased. The applause started.

Yogi now mixes in the ground…

Yogi now mixes in the ground...

Imran said, ‘The presence of Atiq Sahab, a big thank you to him for accepting the invitation of this program… I sometimes think. I am very small, innocent, wearing big long shirts, like an oppressed village child who doesn’t even know Hindi properly. In the same way, he came to Allahabad to study at the university. Atiq heard the name of Ahmed Sahab. He used to hear praise and bad things. At such a time in life, when there was time to meet him, then his time was spent in prison. Unable to meet. We met 2 years ago in a Mushaira in Pratapgarh. Now I see a lot of people trying to be like him. As Imran Pratapgarhi recounted the exploits of Atiq Ahmed in the land of Prayagraj, the don was probably smiling with his head bowed and a hand to his face.

Imran had said such a thing that day in his Egypt, which if read today seems to be true, but from another angle. Congressman then said that there will be no Ateeq Ahmed for many centuries now the way UP CM Yogi Adityanath talked about mixing the mafia into the ground it looks like a new Ateeq Ahmed is about to flourish. difficult right now. Atiq’s shadow may have hung over Prayagraj thus far, but the way the bulldozer action began gave other clues. Some people may not be able to read this.