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The Raebareli council exam will be monitored from the district headquarters under the supervision of CCTV cameras



Report: Saurabh Verma

Rae Baréli. The Secondary Education Board of Uttar Pradesh has made full preparations to hold a malpractice-free examination. In this regard, in Rae Bareli district as well, the district administration has alerted about mock-up examination in the district. To ensure there is no error in the district, the UP Board review will be conducted at a total of 118 centers throughout the district. All centers are divided into seven zones and twenty sectors. The SP and SDM deputies will be stationed in each zone while responsibility for the sectors will be entrusted to inspector-level police officers.

At least 4 police officers will be deployed in all centres. The administration will also deploy a Static Magistrate during this period. CCTV cameras have been installed to monitor all center activities. Along with this, the administration imposed Section 144 in the district. If anyone violates this, the administration will take legal action against them.

CCTV camera surveillance

District Officer Rae Bareli Mala Srivastava from News 18 Local team said Section 144 has been implemented across the district to make council exams cheating free and the district has been divided into 7 zones and 20 sectors. Along with this, he said that SP and SDM deputies will be stationed in each area and candidates will appear for the exam under the supervision of CCTV cameras in all exam centers, monitoring will be done from headquarters. of the district.

police officers in each center

Regarding the board exams of Uttar Pradesh Board of Secondary Education to be held from February 16, Additional Superintendent of Police Rae Bareli Vishwajit Srivastava said that four police officers will be deployed in all exam centers implemented in the district. Along with this, he said mobile teams have also been deployed for each area.

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