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The teacher used to talk to the female students on the phone



Sunil Saket, Agra: A strange case has come to light in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, where a teacher’s wife does not live with him because he talks with his female students for a long time on his mobile and keeps laughing. The professor’s wife suspects him. For this reason, she has been living in her maternal home for six months. On the complaint, the teacher and his wife, who reached the family counseling center, could not agree. The counselor called them both back at the next appointment.

Mathematics teacher living in Agra was married before 6 years. His in-laws’ house is in Prayagraj. The professor’s wife alleges that even after leaving university, he talks on the phone for a long time with female students.

The conversation didn’t stop even after the woman stopped talking
The woman says she was arrested many times, even then she didn’t stop talking to the female students on the phone. Because of this, quarrels broke out between them. The woman has been living with her parents for six months. On Sunday, February 19, the two families had arrived for consultation. But both could not speak.

The consultation was done twice
Professor Saheb also has a 5-year-old daughter. who lives with his wife. The woman said that she had often forbidden the professor to speak to the female students. He said he didn’t bring home any academic papers. While the teacher says that if my students have questions to answer, they can ask me over the phone. Councilor Amit Gaur says advice was given twice between the professor and his wife. He got a third date.