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The tendency of those who make politics Shudra is like the fly, which only loves dirt, said Kameshwar Chaupal, the first mason of the temple of Ram



Ayodhya: At this time, there is a controversy regarding a verse of Ramcharit Manas. At the same time, administrator Kameshwar Chaupal plays an important role in every major responsibility of the construction of the temple of Ram. Although he is from the Dalit community, he is given full responsibility for every job. Officer of chaupai dhol, gavar, shudra, animal, woman, rude punishment on Ramcharit Manas… But he gave suitable answer to those who do politics. The administrator of Ram Mandir, Kameshwar Chaupal, has been given the responsibility of bringing the stone of the sacred Shaligram deity from Nepal, from which the Ramlila idol is to be constructed. It was Kameshwar Chaupal who laid the first brick for the foundation of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple on November 9, 1989.

Kameshwar Chaupal said that in 1989 he himself did not know that he would be given the responsibility of laying the first brick of the temple, but Ashok Singhal, the leader of the temple building movement, suddenly after introducing him to the saints at the meeting, announced that the Dalit community Swayamsevak I will do this work. He said everyone is one in Hindu society, when Lord Brahma created the universe he did not divide people into castes. I consider myself lucky to have also been commissioned to bring the holy Shaligram Shila from Nepal to Ayodhya for the construction of the idol of Ram Lala. Today, due to the politics of voting banks, Shudra and Dalit politics are played out.

karma is great

Strongly condemning this attempt to divide society, Chaupal said there is a difference between the nature of a bee and that of a fly. Whereas there are good people and people with such thought. A fly loves dirt and sits on excrement, while a bee extracts nectar from flowers and yields sweet honey. He said people of such an ideology are like flies, seeing only evil and filth everywhere. He said no one becomes a Shudra through the body. His karma makes him a Shudra. Kameshwar Chaupal said that Ravana was a great scholar of the Brahmin clan, but his evil deeds worked to harass and oppress the society. Chaupal said there was no difference between Shudra and Dalit in the construction of the Ram temple. A great responsibility has been entrusted to those who do good deeds.